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no country on earth claims to be islamic unlike the KSA? So it is hypocritical. this proved my earlier point one law for some and different law for the other. I know not all saudis are the same! But there seems to be symptom of anti relegious stance. It is odd they demand non muslim women to wear hijab outside the compound but muslim women or men can't wear their attaire in the land of Saudia!!
They follow no road rules, impatient. One of my collegue was attacked by saudi thugs, not to mention stone being thrown at western women for not wearing headscarf? Where in Shairah does it say non muslim women have to cover their head? Where does it state in book of fiqh women can't venture out of their home (within 60 km)? i doubt this is in hambaly fiqh? It is odd they have no problem allowing women to go to the grave when there are clear narration against it?

I'm not in the path of tassawuf. I would be reprimanded by a shaikh if they hear what I say.

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