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bro i dont think your being fair. non of what you desrcibed is any worse than what i have personally seen throughout the muslim lands. Its hard to discuss teh topic if you take such small stabs at them given teh monstrous acts some muslim governments are doing right now. Claiming to be islamic or not makes no difference, we judge anyone according to their actions and saudi are better than most.

Its like when teh non muslims say proper bad things about teh prophet salallhahu alayhi wassalam. They must understand that in order for me to even take them seriously they need to be fair. Even if we didnt believe that teh prophet was a messenger on behalf of god, i still would consider him to be someone who brought amazing rights for the people of makka that are unparralled anywhere in terms of rights for women, ethnic minorities, teh poor etc. the point is, when they criticise, if they are not fair in tehir criticism then i cant take their arguement seriously because i know their arguement is baseless.

I know taht you arguement is very weak because you are attacking them for minor occurences and you are talking about "them" like the saudis who incist on hijab are the same as the europeans who run the firm you were supposed to be working for. I came to islam through logic and any arguyements that are illogical i can never except. Did you read about teh forced sterilisation of women in uzbekistan. there is nothing taht saudi ever did taht i saw that even remotely compares with that. Honestly bro dont take petty swipes, and be just in your criticisms
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