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Is this the way that you speak to someone who has 40 years behind him as a teacher of English, Sir?

It will be of no consequence to speak that to a person who has only four years of experience.
Just kidding.
So let be try to do it in a better way.

Respected Masoodi Rafi Sir,
I, on behalf of the users of Sunni Forum, request you to pay your kind attention to the under mentioned activity. It will be very kind and nice of you if you could spare a little bit of your valuable time to help in improving our language and maintain the linguistic standards of Sunni Forum. In this context it would be helpful if you could pick up some post and point out the linguistic problem and analyze it and present the solution for our benefit. One point per day will be enough for us and I also hope that it shall not be too taxing to your honourable self. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to you by this out of a blue demand on your precious temporal and intellectual resources. I am positive that you will kindly give this request your very serious and very king consideration. I, and I am sure other Sunni Forum users too, shall be much obliged by your gracious consideration. Hoping for a positive response, Sir, I remain, yours sincerely, ...
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