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It shall be a pleasure to be of service to my brethren. Could you think of a special post wherein it would be convenient to take of the learning of basic rules of English through Islamic content.
I feel it wont be proper to start finding faults with the posts contributed by the may discourage some any they may not like to post for fear of being analysed. Somebody may take offence,and that is what I would not like to happen.
Here is a specimen lesson:

Use of verb ''to be'':

I am Rafi Ahmad Masoodi.
I am a Muslim (alhamdulilah). = I belong to Islam.
I am a Hanafi (alhamdulilah). = I belong to Hanafi Madhhab.
I am 60.
I am a member on Sunniforum. = I belong to Sunniforum.

Maripat is a Muslim and so is Fhd (Alhamdulilah). = Maripat and Fhd belong to Islam.
They are Hanafites. = They belong to Hanafi Madhab.
Maripat is a senior member.
He is my brother in Islam.
All Muslims are brothers.
A Shaffi is as good a Muslim as a Hanbali or a Maliki or a hanafi.
Following a Madhhab is for convenience.
Taqleed is a compulsion for one who is not a Mujtahid.
Back biting is forbidden.
Mulims are accountable to Allah.
We are responsible for our family.
Muslim Ummah is our family.
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