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Can be done if they employ a very good manager at a very good salary, otherwise its asking for trouble, easiest business to do this is in franchised operations where the franchisor provides good training for managers. The nature of a business however is that you will always need to oversee otherwise you will get caught out, ie, stolen from. If they really want something they dont need to monitor then they should buy property.

If its not a franchise they would still need to market the business, its hard to hand that part over unless the business is well established and really markets itself, in which case you have to hope the staff dont run it into the ground while you're not there. Bottom line is only the owner can be expected to treat and manage the business as their own, because well, it is. If you want that from staff then either make the staff part owners in the business or pay them really well, problem is today most business owners want to pay peanuts, and as the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
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