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He must be a really stingy salafi, because not only does he himself do only one Qurbani, he is stopping others from doing so as well.

I mean, nowadays, a sheep qurbani can be done for as little as 15 pounds in some places, and a cow, for 7 people, for 70 pounds - thats just 10 pounds per person!

Is he seriously saying people should stop doing one each? that they should miss out on the great rewards of Qurbani, for the price of a pizza?

And for him to quote the sunnah to stop people from doing qurbani is disgusting. There are millions of people dying in places like somalia and who would be delighted with a qurbani - so he should be encouraging all those who can affort it to do one, not whinge about 'waste'.
My thaughts as well. Why stop people from spending especially when we are able to spend soo much on extraa needs and desires - luxuries. However, I would like to get some further perspecrive from a Fiqhi point of view.

Let me add, if you are slaughtering more then 1 share for your family members as well as the deceased then continue to do so and Allah Most High will reward you.
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