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its obvious that there is difference in usool with this issue. like stated it is weak not fabricated. you in tabligh jamaat. lets say we start speaking bad about fadhail a'mal based on the fact that there are many weak ahadeeth there in. but our scholars & the tabligh scholars have mentioned that for fadhail purposes they fine. Ive heard brothers going on about you read this surah so many times & do this so many times & your reward will be this. half the time they from weak hadith so what would you say about that.

just because a practice is famous amongst the Berelwis it doesnt become wrong entirely.

It seems you didnt read the thread linked. You brought the same points as were brought in that thread.

In TJ when a weak hadeeth is used for fadhail.. and then you go ahead and do that action. Is the action substantiated with that weak hadeeth or the its mashroo'iyat through other stronger ahadeeth?

In this case the weak hadeeth is becoming the mustadal.. that is the difference.

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