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exactly, you presenting evidence. but what if we dont have the tools to take that evidence & make a ruling ourselves. we go to people like sh Afif. once again you said that those who kiss thumbs are wrong.
so in your opininon since the sh mentioned that there various ahadeeth although weak- is there any chance that Abu Bakr RA was a thumb kisser so is he also among the wrong dowers.

im not angry by the way. if shafi's going to a deoband institute dont know their own usool then I cant see a hanafi from a deoband institute to say that sh afif is wrong. its obvious that in his view its mustahab as in his article. now since berelwis do it does it make it completely wrong. tomorrow we will hear that its biday to wear a green turban.

Bro SASLAMS, I understand that you are very close to Shaykh Taha Karaan. Could you please raise the issue with him and get his opinion instead.

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