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Bro, can you please elaborate as I think I've misunderstood you. I understand that I need to watch out Christian Missionaries , but why should I 'watch out' the 'large population of Muslims'? As for the 'Tableeghi Markaz' this is exactly what I'm looking for.

Jazakumullah khair for the reply.
What I'm saying is that since there's a large population of Muslims , christian missionaries there are also very active in trying to convert simple minded Muslims. So if you're strong in your eeman, and look for a religious atmosphere, then by no means do you have to worry. There's a Halal Food Supermarket there, even a restaurant! Here's a google street view of that area :,49.05,,0,2.23

A few block down are the residential apartments , and a Greek Orthodox Church :,,0,0.76

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