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Assalamu alaikum,

I live in Thorncliffe, and I can tell you that the Chirstian missionarries don't even make a dent. Ya sometimes you see them going door to door and speaking, but they have no hope in this area.
It is by far the most "Islamic area" but I would also suggest that you also consider the area near Nugget mosque as that is also very active area. The tabligh effort is stronger in that area in the students and I also see that the students are also inclined towards their studies as opposed to the other "Islamic areas".

Don't even think of Montreal and Vancouver is a distant second option. In the whole of North America I would only recommend Toronto and Chicago followed by Detroit and New York.

The tablighi markaz is only a 10 minutes drive from Thorncliffe, but the Thorncliffe mosque is much more active and populated with activities. Our mosque also served as the temporary markaz for over a year when they were renovating the markaz. Also I am hearing the markaz might move then it would be about a 20-25 mins drive away - but still not that far. If you wish you can also move to that area as there are many strong mosques there as well like Abu Bakr, etc.

Please don't think of living any place west of Thorncliffe as Islamic environment is very weak. If you have to move to the west end then the best place would be in Malton near the airport.
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