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Lots of Good places to live in GTA(greater Toronto area). Islamia Jamhoria Thorncliffe is one :P, also called Thorncliffe Park Drive, with Darus Salam Mosque and a Musalah in one of the buildings, plus Iqbal Store for any Halal food item from meat to Masala, from Pan to National Achar. A Big Mall right in front, and nice food places like Bamiyan Kabob and Arza Pizza. Donlands and Danforth would be another near Madina Mosque and taqwa Musalah.Then you have a big population in Scarborough near Abu Bakr Mosque at Midland and Lawrence, Bilal Mosque at Markham and Eglinton where i Live, nugget mosque has a good population. I used to live in Thorncliffe, and did security there for 4 buildings. I know the area very well. Then you have Etobicoke, Rexdale and Islington near IMO with a big Muslim community. Then you some good places in Mississauga and Brampton, one is near Mavis and Steeles. Taha Musalah is doing a part time Alim course in the evening, and some other courses as well. Mississauga has some great areas with lots of Mosques and active members. I think it would also depend on the Budget. Thorncliffe 3 rooms would be no less then 1250-1400 a month. Scarborough 3 rooms would be 1100 or 1200. I would recommend Thorncliffe Park Drive for beginners.

And if you can try not to move to Canada. Trust me life sucks here. Hardly any social life, with work all the time and almost no savings.
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