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sorry to spoil the moment here but the truth is that these muslims r in allah azaabs. the only way to remove these azaabs is by doing taubah and coming back into islam. i wish the ulema wold stress this point of doing taubah. we muslims r in dire need of it. it is the only way to remove present and forthcoming clamities upon us muslims.

Or perhaps these Muslims are dearly Loved By Allah , afterall the people who are closest too Allah are tested the most.

We should have compassion for others and do something to help them, instead of condemning them as sinners worthy of punishment.

I remember Maulana Masood Azhar tackling this question in one of his lectures, when you ask people to ask those to help these oppressed people, the answer given is' Maulana they are being punished for their sins,' Maulana asks if these people are being punished for their sins what makes you so virtuos and free of sins.
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