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First of all this accusation was made against the Prophet Ayub

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentions all this. He said, "Prophet Ayyub endured trial for eighteen years. Relatives and acquaintances shunned him except two of his kinsmen. One day one of them said to the other 'I swear to Allah that Ayyub has committed a great and unforgivable sin.' 'Never!' the other answered. 'Can't you see the affliction he is in? Allah did not have mercy on him for eighteen years,' said the first one. The two went to Ayyub and the second man said, 'Do you know what this man was saying? He said you have committed a great sin, so Allah will not forgive you.' Ayyub said, 'I know nothing of what you both are saying, but I know that whenever I passed by two quarrelling people I came back home praying for Allah to conciliate between them, and gave charity for them so Allah would not be disobeyed.' That affected him deeply. (Isr. From Abdullah bin 'Ubaid bin 'Umair).

So lets analyse Kashmir the Subcontinent, was colonised by the British in 1847, during the treaty of Amritsar the British sold Kashmir for 7 million rupees, to a sikh maharajah for his support in helping quell an uprising
against colonial rule.

100 years later when the Subcontinent is divided up, on religious grounds, the British viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten, betrays the Kashmiri, people once more. Some platitudes are given that the Kashmiris will get a free and impartial plebiscite, but to date no plebicite.

Now if the Kashmiris are subjugated because of their sins, then why was the Bengali, sylheti, Punjabi, Baluchi, sindhi, peoples not punished? what made these people less sinful then the Kashmiris?

One could argue that India intial as a whole was Colonised and Subjugated by the Europeans because of the sins of the people.

But too state that during partition the Kashmiris where punished for their sins, and the Punjabi , sindhi, Baluchi, gained his freedom beacuase he was pious is frankly ludicrous.

If indeed the people in Kashmir, chechnya, palestine are being punishmend, for their sins in this Dhuniyah. Then what will be the punishment for those of us who look at the suffering of our brethren with not an ounce of compassion, what will our punishment be in the akhirah? when we are asked why did you do nothing to help your oppressed Brethren?

As all the pious ulemah teach one cannot assume that the unfortunate are being punished by Allah and so ignore their needs. For Allah alone knows best, why he has tested a people, our duty is to help the poor oppressed if we can or at the very least make dua.
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