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There are many small masajid all over the city, with the most being on the far north and far south sides. The far north side, in an area called Rogers Park, is where West Devon Ave. is. There are mostly Pakistani, Indian, and Afghan families living there, with a few Somali, Bosnian, and Iraqi families as of the past few years. I personally don't know of any mosques that are Deobandi but I do know that there are many small basement schools and masajid, usually organized on ethnicity. The far south side is mostly Palestinian and Black Americans.

The Muslim Community Center (MCC) is the largest masjid in Chicago. It's not far from Devon. It's a special place, in my opinion, because it is the only place I have prayed at in Chicago that is not overtly cliquish. I'm sure you'd be able to find the info you seek (on Deobandi masjids) from someone at MCC.
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