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Default Why would anybody who knows they're likely to crash the PT Test...take it
DISCLAIMER: I'm only kidding...i dont recommend anybody do this...unless its true..and you may die..then I highly recommend you visit your Below may be the first 2 issues on the mandator PT questionaire Exercise TESTING SURVEY 1. Have you got a health not resolved in a Profile (AF Form 422) that taking part in the PT program/testing can worsen or your safety would be precluded by that? GYes Stop here; inform your Unit Fitness Program Manager (FPM) and contact PCM. GNo Go to next question. 2. Have you got the following? - Chest vexation with effort - Unusual shortness of breath - Dizziness, fainting, blackouts GYes Stop here; inform your UFPM and contact most Of Your Care Manager (PCM) NOW..if your fat bag'o donuts...or only can't work worth a darn....its a escape a free card right? Issue 1, solution Yes...go to PCM..tell them "i'm not on a waiver but I'm such terrible form I would die of a coronary attack if I run" Fair enough right... Issue 2...answer yes...if your fat and/or don't work or is UNUSUAL for you to possess shortness of breath..beacuse usually you just take a seat on your fat to the PT'll be lacking is likely to be uncommon for you...bam..check yes.. NO CHECK FOR YOU!!!! Seriously...its medical/safety...what could anybody do for you?
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