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Default Check ya Knowledge!
So You believe you know everything!!! A cent has 118 ridges round the side. A cat has 32 muscles in each head. Its tongue is stuck out by a crocodile cannot. A dragonfly includes a life of 24-hours. A fish includes a memory of three seconds. A 'jiffy' is definitely an real uni-t of time for 1100th of-a second. A shark may be the only fish that may flash with both eyes. A snail could rest for 3 years. Al Capone's business card said h-e was a used furniture dealer. All 5-0 states are shown across the the surface of the Lincoln Memorial on the back-of the $5 bill. Walnuts really are a person in the family. An ostrich's eye is larger than its ain. Infants are born without kneecaps. They do not appear before son or daughter reaches 2 to 6 years old. (no wonder they're hard-to reach follow orders!-dfw )Butterflies style with their legs. Cats have over a hundred oral sounds. Pets only have about 10. 'Dreamt' may be the only English word that leads to the characters 'mt.' Feuary 1865 may be the only month in recorded history to not have a complete moon. Within the last 4,000 decades, no new creatures have now been trained. When the population of China went past you, in single file, the-line would not stop because of the rate of reproduction. If you're an American, in all of your life, you'll spend an average of six months waiting at red lights. It's difficult to sneeze together with your eyes open. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors. Maine is the only state whose name is simply one syllable. No term in the language poems with month, lemon, gold, o-r pink. On the Canadian two dollarbill, the flag flying within the Parliament building can be an American flag. Our eyes are always exactly the same dimension from birth, but our nose and ears never stop rising. Nuts are among the elements of dynamite. Rubber rings keep going longer when chilled. 'Stewardesses' may be the greatest term entered with only the left-hand and 'lollipop' with your right. The typical person's left hand does 565-lbs of the writing. The sail lining, QE2, goes just six inches for every gallon of diesel that it burns. The stove was created following a investigator went with a radar pipe and a candy bar dissolved in his pocket. The sentence: 'The fast own fox jumps over the lazy dog' uses every notice of the alphabet. The winter of 1932 was so cool that Niagara Falls froze entirely reliable. What 'racecar,' 'canoe' and 'degree' are exactly the same if they are read left to right or right to left (palindromes). You will find 293 methods to make change for a buck. You will find more hens than people on the planet. You will find only four terms in the English language which result in 'dous': great, terrible, fantastic, and dangerous. You will find two terms in the English language which have all five vowels in order: 'abstemious' and 'facetious. 'There is not any Betty Rubble in-the Flintstones Chewables Vitamins. Tigers have striped skin, not only striped hair. TYPEWRITER is the term that may be made using the characters only on a single strip of the keyboard. Winston Churchill was created in a ladies' room throughout a party. Girls flash not exactly two times as much as men. Your stomach needs to create a new layer of mucus every two weeks; otherwise it'll consume it self. Now you realize everything!!!
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