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Default Education is very crucial in the development of any society
This statement is very influential and it is pointing towards the importance of education and its impacts on the life of an individual. First of all, there is need of understanding the significance that education brings in different walks of life. These different domains are influenced and accept changes that are made because of the application of an education. There is no point of denying this aspect that whether it is a matter of single person or whole community; education needs to be given true importance in a right manner. As long as significance is given to education, the phenomenon of a nationís progress or development continues. If the importance is not provided to the domain of education in direct or indirect manner, then the result comes in the form of nationís devastation and desolation.

On the other hand, there are several countries in the world that have followed the strategy of focusing on improving the role of education in each and every aspect. Their success in different walks of life can be evaluated so that actual picture of their prosperity and development become visible. At the same time, there are different countries in the world who did not concentrate on the enhancement or betterment of education. As a result, their decline started and is still continued, this fact must be taken into consideration that enhancing or improving the education process does take a lot of time. This is a long-term mechanism that cannot be completed overnight.

The phenomenon of education does help in building any nationís behavior or attitude in a right direction. It is a matter of fact that most of developing countries have ignored and did not realize the value of education in true spirit. Therefore, in these countries the education system has not progressed to the higher level and most of the brilliant students were compelled to go abroad in order to attain higher studies. As a result, these countries are facing the issue of human drainage these days. The situation of students who go abroad from the low level or poor countries to well established or developed countries is also not good. This is because of the reason students take ample amount of time so that they can just according to the environment and the other requirements that are also important to consider. These requirements could be perceived in the form of university rules and regulations, teaching approaches and physical setting of classrooms as well.

After spending considerable time in the university, students still face some difficulties in the last year of their graduation or masters. The reason is simple because, in order to attain the degree, students are required to complete their dissertation within a given timeframe. As a result, they often ask help from other students in this form such as please do my dissertation for me as you are already aware of the university guidelines and regulations. The sentence please do my dissertation for me does portray the issues and problems that are faced by the students. This is also significant in pointing towards the capabilities of students to a large extent.
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