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Default World Issues- are we heading towards WWIII?
As you can assume from the topic, are we heading towards WWIII? After World War 1, it was decided that we won't have World War 2 but there was- World War 2. We couldn't do much about it. Thousands of people died in it. How did it start? It only started because Germany tried to invade Poland. The whole world went crazy at him, including US & UK. The worst part was that the Soviet Union supported them, resulting in a long and extended war between the two majors of this world. I wrote a dissertation ( Can Someone Do My Dissertation? Leave Requisite Here ) on this topic so I know about it. Now we are only one wrong move by any country, and the whole world may go crazy over it. Like, let's suppose if US went for NK while China goes mad over it- resulting in long and extended war. The US will have its own allies, Japan will have its own so you see, it can go really rough!

I really hope we won't have WWIII.
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