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Default Why Logo Designers have more demand than a web designer?
Logo designers have always been in demand since a very long time. As compared to those who pursue their career in the other fields of designing like a web designer is more likely to get a job or vacancy lesser than a logo designer. Well, there might be some mysterious reasons behind it but as far as I have conceived from the fact is because a designer who provides logo design service is comparatively more talented and skilled than a web designer. As I am myself a logo designer so I have to work more precisely with full of creativity and warmth. In fact, even sometimes, I notice the people around me look at me if I am a design geek who loves to sit in front of a screen and just keep on zooming fonts and vectors but the truth is this is our job and thatís how it goes. Albeit, I am not criticizing web developers and designers as I think their job is difficult too but the only difference is they work on themes and website layouts mostly so they are able to import pre-designed elements like fonts, icons, boxes, color codes, text fields, etc. It may be possible you guys have a different opinion on this, therefore I am open to your suggestions on this note.
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