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Default Pandora jewellery is excelllent
The Flourishing Hearts pendant is lovely in its simplicity, featuring arching silver branches encased in a pandora charms nz sale silver heart. It isnít overly oxidised, but the branches refletcing each other give it a darker look that make it seem as though it is. All the branches are beautifully defined, and the design curves outwards, adding to its shine.

We did previously have a dangle cheap pandora charms nz (which you can see in the styling section down below!), but I love that we now have a full-bodied design. Itís cute, but not overly so, with a light touch on the detailing. Its face is chubby and cuddly, but minimally defined. The feet and hands have claws, but they are simply done. He looks kind of sleepy, haha.

I have purple on the brain for this review, as ultimately I want to use this pendant with the lilac Enchanted Garden Glass murano from the pandora bracelet sale nz Spring 2018 collection. Iíve earmarked the lavender Radiant Droplets, the oxidised Star clips to go with them, but Iím just waiting for the Wildflower Meadow bracelet to style them. In the meantime, Continuing with this colour scheme, I put together two additional stylings using some of the older glass beads. They used to do a lot of really pretty deep purple glass, and it really brings out the details in shining plain silver beads.

You can see what I mean about the pandora jewellery nz sale being so shiny, though. The oxidised detailed of the older Christmas Teddy Bear charm is so much easier to catch on camera. The Polar Bear is smooth and shiny, and all the details are kind of swallowed up in the light! And now, as I mentioned in my last review, Iím going to take a little tour through my Pandora Christmas collection and designs!

This is one of my favourite and oldest designs. It was my third bracelet, and put together at the height of my pandora charms nz outlet (not that Iím not enthused now Ė I am Ė but Pandora was fresher for me back then, and the new designs were consistently exciting. Each new bead I got felt like an event and I could barely wait to see what was coming out next!).
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