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Default ndia is not a country that leaves you indifferent
India is not a country that leaves you indifferent. As they say, either you fall in love or you hate her. I think it is a country that requires time, information and a desire for adventure. After spending almost 4 months there, I loved it. The culture shock that India causes I don't think many more countries in the world cause it, at least not at that level. For this reason, if you decide to discover it, the longer you can be there the better. You will need time to adapt and digest everything you are going to experience. For now, here are a few of its peculiarities:

1- India is the largest democracy in the world and the second most populous country with more than 1200 million inhabitants. It is estimated that in 2021 it will be the most inhabited, surpassing China.

2- It is the seventh largest country in the world, it has 28 states of various sizes. Only the state of Rajasthan, for example, is almost as big as Germany.

3- It is frequent to meet Sadhus. Nomadic monks who always carry their few possessions and travel in search of enlightenment. They have quite a few freedoms, including smoking marijuana or traveling for free on the train.

4- When the Indians move their heads to the side (as we would say No) they mean Yes. They also make this gesture a lot. Good to know!

5- The cow is a sacred animal in India so it is forbidden to sacrifice them. Many times, they live freely throughout the country, even in the cities, and you can often find them everywhere, even in train stations. (Some joke that the map of their country is shaped like a cow's face.)

All is possible!!
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