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Thank you for sharing the excerpt and the topic of geometry and artistic intent in paintings. While the provided information seems to focus on the discussion surrounding the grail star geometry proposed by Brian Ettinger and its relevance to the Rennes-le-Château mystery, it doesn't directly connect to the Paint By Numbers.

However, if you're interested in exploring the intersection of geometry and art, Art of Paint By Numbers offers paint by numbers kits that feature various subjects, including geometric patterns. These kits provide an opportunity for artists of all levels to engage with artistic creation while following a structured approach guided by numbered sections and corresponding paint colors.

If you enjoy exploring geometry and its artistic applications, you may find enjoyment and inspiration in creating a paint by numbers artwork with geometric elements. The process can be both relaxing and rewarding, allowing you to appreciate the balance between structure and artistic expression.

Remember to visit the Art of Paint By Numbers websiteto explore the available kits and find one that resonates with your interests. Enjoy your artistic journey!
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