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like you DD we have already yarned about this....but Paul Mountain (SF) was my year 7 teacher at primary school in 79, we had a bet (about 50 cents from memory) on the 79 GF Derby.....really nice guy, coached our school team too. David Bain (EP/Fitz/BB) and Richard Dennis (EP/Car/NM/WP) were footy and primary school mates. Played club junior footy with Tony Papotto (EP/P), Rodney Lewis (EP), Nathan Brooks (EP/CL) and Paul Bagshaw (EP). Good mates with a fella who played colts for two years at EP in Greg Brennan in the early eighties, used to go out partying with the likes of Starcevich,Peos etc who were his EP team mates. Was out some night, mid eighties, getting close to a young lady and Johnny Gastev(WP/BL) came over and said take her some where private mate and gave me his car keys!!!.......
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