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A few for me.

My wife's grandfather played for Souths and WP in the 50s for a few games, and his family was heavily involved with SF - not sure if it was his dad or his brother that was club President for a while. His son played a few games for Perth in 1981.

Gary Malarkey was my PhysEd teacher at school
Mates with Garry McDonald's (ex SD) son
Played footy with as a junior (and was mates with) the sons of Ed Blackaby, Rod Mohr (ex SD) and Glen Coffey (ex SF). in fact Coffey still sits in my seat at Eagles games.
Laine Spencer (ex Claremont) is my Uncle's nephew on his wife's side.

Played against a few players who went on to league level such as Michael Clarke and Beau McDonald.

There were also a few guys a year or two below me at school like Nathan Featherby, Ryan and Luke Webster, Liam Casson, Andrew Embley etc who went on to WAFL or AFL duties. Never played footy with those guys, but played cricket with a couple of them.
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