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One of my other phys ed teachers was a Mr Pampacos (i think his son went on to umpire at WAFL level). Mr Pampacos was a mad Perth supporter and there was always good banter going on between him and Mr (Alex) Hamilton.
As an Education Assistant at John Forrest HS in 2006/7 and a Hasluck faction member, I got to know Mike Pampacos very well. We had many discussions about the relative merits of East Perth v Perth. He was an Umpire's Adviser at the time and got many East Perth games. While at the school, I also got to know John Daniel (EP) and Ken Washbourne (son of the late EP great, Jim.)

After JFHS, I worked at Beechboro PS with Brent Levitzke (EP, S and I think P) and Phil Farrell (S).

I went through Mt. Lawley SHS with Alan Walker (EP, but a WP supporter and Peter Zaikos (P supporter at school but later a League WANFL Umpire.) Also Russell Argent and Kerry McCarthy (both EP) and John Robinson (EP/C). Peter Tannock (EP) was my Geography teacher in 3rd Year (Year 10)

After school, I lIved for a while in Como and became a supporter of the Collier JFC where I met John Quartermaine (P), a very nice bloke who called me Ringo and was a one-eyed EP supporter (as were ALL his mates in the immediate area.) I also knew Ken McAullay and Brent Armanasco (both EP) at night school.

From baseball, there was Alex Hamilton who I coached as a junior at the Perth Club and who I've known ever since.
Also at PBC was James Waddell (WP/EP) and Gavin Hawkins (EP/S).
While involved with a Junior state baseball team, I got to know Steven Green, Ken Judge and Jeff Trott (all EF)

In employment at BP, I worked with, "Trizzie" Lawrence, Laurie Nugent and the late "Oscar" Howard (all well known to EF supporters.)

And finally (thank goodness I hear you say), away from football; in my first job after leaving school, I worked for over three years with great cricketer Bruce Yardley.
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