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As an Education Assistant at John Forrest HS in 2006/7 and a Hasluck faction member, I got to know Mike Pampacos very well. We had many discussions about the relative merits of East Perth v Perth. He was an Umpire's Adviser at the time and got many East Perth games. While at the school, I also got to know John Daniel (EP) and Ken Washbourne (son of the late EP great, Jim.)

After JFHS, I worked at Beechboro PS with Brent Levitzke (EP, S and I think P) and Phil Farrell (S).

I went through Mt. Lawley SHS with Alan Walker (EP, but a WP supporter and Peter Zaikos (P supporter at school but later a League WANFL Umpire.) Also Russell Argent and Kerry McCarthy (both EP) and John Robinson (EP/C). Peter Tannock (EP) was my Geography teacher in 3rd Year (Year 10)

After school, I lIved for a while in Como and became a supporter of the Collier JFC where I met John Quartermaine (P), a very nice bloke who called me Ringo and was a one-eyed EP supporter (as were ALL his mates in the immediate area.) I also knew Ken McAullay and Brent Armanasco (both EP) at night school.

From baseball, there was Alex Hamilton who I coached as a junior at the Perth Club and who I've known ever since.
Also at PBC was James Waddell (WP/EP) and Gavin Hawkins (EP/S).
While involved with a Junior state baseball team, I got to know Steven Green, Ken Judge and Jeff Trott (all EF)

In employment at BP, I worked with, "Trizzie" Lawrence, Laurie Nugent and the late "Oscar" Howard (all well known to EF supporters.)

And finally (thank goodness I hear you say), away from football; in my first job after leaving school, I worked for over three years with great cricketer Bruce Yardley.
Mr Pampacos was one of my favourite teachers macs, and i was a Hasluck boy! Gavin Hawkins was one of those i was referring to who was a year or 2 younger and i'm pretty sure he had a sister named Kim and she was in my form class throughout high school. And what a cracking hot piece she was. Wouldn't mind looking her up though no doubt she's on the ball and chain.

You've got quite an honour roll there macs. You telling me John Quartermaine is a one eyed EP supporter? That can't be right, sure your not mixing him up with Alan Quartermaine?
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