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Phil Clucas (EF) father of Matt - was our postie
Wayne Cormack (EF) Phys Ed teacher
Russell Koch (EF) near neighbour
Stephen TI Michael (SF Legend) drove Josephs trucks to next to where my Old Man worked
( I was in awe for the first few times I stood nearby & couldn't get anything out but a nicer fella you couldn't get - I saw him last year at a southwest fuel stop still the same fella!)
David Regan (ESS & WCE) ex-work colleague
Sean Regan (EF) Todd Jenkins (EF & P) childhood stuff
Paul Vasoli (P & SF) played a couple of masters games with him - still had lots at 50 odd unbelievable really
Ned Fimmano (SF captain) current work colleague
Daniel Haines (PT & FREM) subcontracts to my employer
Benny "the Jet" "Mr Unbelievable" Vigona (SF) sunk some piss at the old raffles hotel with him one night can't post the rest too funny & naughty hahahaha
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