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Played cricket against Brad Bootsma (sf / freo), Ken Judge (ef / haw), Gary Buckenara (subi / haw), Steve Malaxos (cl / haw / wce / ef), Peter German (nm), Kris Miller (ef / sf) and Peter Christie (sf board) (all in the same team would you believe!!) Kim Hagdorn also played in that side.

Played high school footy against Cousins and Jarrad Schofield when they played for Wesley College and pumped us.

Lots of other little stories etc but one that sticks in my mind is when I was mid 20's the fellas and I went out to the good old Arcadia nightclub (may have been Abeerdeen now I think of it) . . . anyway, must have been 1996 ish when the Allies came to play WA. We were mucking around upstairs as you do and I grabbed a beer that I thought was mine and had a swig. Got a firm tap on the shoulder to see Billy Brownless legless asking me (I think) what I was doing. I turn around and keep drinking not quite triggering who it was for about 3 seconds and spun around to say g'day / sorry and was starring at Brett Allison, Longmire, Crawford, Richo, pretty sure the whole bloody side were there off there trolleys. I ended up getting beers for free all night and did the worm on the dancefloor with Crawford.

Allies beat WA easily and Billy was seen getting into a taxi with someone (x2) who wasn't Mrs Brownless. Hey wound down the window and shouted "that was my beer you ******!!!" =) FUNNY at the time.

Sumich bought me a carton for a massage once (sounds bloody suss but it's all legit) =)

Some good nights with Dean Rioli.

Played cricket with Peter Bell and Mark "Bomber" Riley.

Toddy gave me a SF jacket one year to say thanks.

Went to uni with Liam Casson (wp / sd), Brad Trpchev (wp)

Brad Oldroyd (WA cricketer in 90's) used to come to my house and do WWF moves off my couch instead of going state training. Had some big nights with him. Don't know why really. Mad prick. He was dropped from the state side not long after. hhhmmmm.

Lots of tid bits but I have bored too many already.
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