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This is quite a remarkable effort to get this up & running. Amazing it has taken someone outside the WAFL headquarters to use some initiative. Cant wait to see other footage of some home & away games. This is classic stuff and watching the Swans v East Perth game at Basso (what a crowd!!) . This was of course quite common on a Saturday arvo around the metro area. If you were not at the footy you were either sick or dying.

What I noticed and miss the most is the colour behind the goals at the grounds. Every team had cheer squads who had massice flags and confetti paper flying everywhere. It was really great and watching a bit of that West Perth v Subiaco game I noticed how well run the old scoreboards were. All around-the-grounds score were updated every few minutes. Geez they even had the score of the little league up there !!

Where the hell did we drop the ball on this ? I think we gave up too easy in many area's. Its a shame because people even these day crave these simple things. You go to Leederville now and this electronic peice of crap gives inadequate scores at other venues, and breaks down. Other grounds scoreboard attendants dont bother with other score very often. Some even put up quarter time scores, then by the last quarter the scores are still the same.

This old footage should open the eyes of a few in power. We need to at least try to get some of this type of proffessionalism back to the grounds and maybe get kids involved in cheer squads on the day. How much would it cost a club to make up a dozen or more big flags and other things ? Not that much Im sure.
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