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The strictness of the shafi madhab on this is clear to see. And Yemen continues to be one of the most strict in this practice. So bringing in the names of those scholars I agree was wrong. Some people think that just because a scholar visited a place or program it implies each side automatically endorses everything about each other, which is not necessarily true.

That said, I would like to know what the maliki scholars in specific would say on this.
Not only did they visited but also spoke to the founders (imam Zaid Shakir , Sh Hamza) about zaytuna college and he had some of his top western students teach there (Shaykh Yahya Rhodus.) If he had a problem with Zaytuna would he allow or recommend Shaykh Yahya to teach there? I happen to be a friend of Shaykh Yahya Rhodus.

So i dont see it as wrong when i was there. Bringing up Yemen has a point here. True it is very strict there but that is their 'urf. Haba'ib understand that. They also understand the dynamics of America.
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