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Excuse me, the Kalimah لا اله الا الله is my firm faith, and I am proud to display it. If you have problem with the Kalimah At Tayyibah, take it up with your mullahs. Of course I know that it burns your mullahs to read these beautiful words.

Is that your evidence? I am disapointed. You take the flag of a monarch country as your label and justify it with your faith. Shame. Better than you are those with the black flags who atleast take a hadeeth for their action..

And I dont think it burns our mullahs to read kalima Tayyaba that much.. remember the Barah and Tera Tasbeehs we make.. and the Nafi Athbaat.. We read and read and then continue to recite the same kalimah over and over again... We do it much more than you imagine.. We are still here unburnt

'Alee ibn abee Taalib رضى الله عنه said: "Shall I not send you on the same mission the Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم sent me on? Do not pass by a grave without levelling it to the ground and do not pass by a picture without destroying it."

What do you say to this hadeeth? I would not argue much about solid construction of the grave. But I will answer your question later on after my lunch break, inshAllah.

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