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in 1344 hijri zeqaadah month When Saudi government decided to demolish the Green Dome, Hazrat mufti Kifayat-ul-lah dehlviرحمہ اللہ, hazrat allama syed Suleman Nadviرحمہ اللہ andd hazrat Allama Shabeer Ahmad usmani رحمہ اللہwent to Saudia at the invitation of Shah Saud.there Allama Shabbeer Ahmad usmani delivered a marvellous speech infront of Shah and saudi officials in the proofs of green dome.صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم
In one of the bayans of Hazarat Peer ZULFIQAR Sahab (d.b.) on the above subject - I have heard that many years before this issue rose before the than Saudi Government.They demolished all the structures which were built on the grave which is what ment from the hadis that no structure must be built on the grave. At that time someone pointed that similarly we should also demoilish GUMBAD-E-KHIZRA.
After much thinking on the issue one learned person suggested that why not to cousult DEOBAND on this issue.Accordingly a delegation arrived at DEOBAND to have their opinion on the issue.Our Ulema sought some time to think over it on the issue and summoned all our Akabirs to Deoband on the sought date. In the meantime all our Ulamaas made ruju towards ALLAH day and night to sort out the matter. When the matter for the discussion came Hazarat Maulana ASFRAF ALI THANWI arose and said that Alhamdullilah ALLAH (S.W.A.) had answered this question by putting the following answer in my heart.

The Hadis is that there sould be no structure on the Grave. But in this case Hujra of Haz. AYESHA was in existence much much before the grave of Huzoor (S.A.W.) came into exixtence. Hence in the instant case the GUMBAD -E- KHIZRA is considered to be built on the Hujra of Haz. AYESHA (R.A.) and hence doesnot contradic the hadis.

If any one is interested in listening to the said bayan of Haz. ZULFIQAR sb. i will send to him the link for he same on request.

Shaikh Azimuddin
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