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Hazarat Maulana ASFRAF ALI THANWI arose and said that Alhamdullilah ALLAH (S.W.A.) had answered this question by putting the following answer in my heart.
The Hadis is that there sould be no structure on the Grave. But in this case Hujra of Haz. AYESHA was in existence much much before the grave of Huzoor (S.A.W.) came into exixtence. Hence in the instant case the GUMBAD -E- KHIZRA is considered to be built on the Hujra of Haz. AYESHA (R.A.) and hence doesnot contradic the hadis.
yes!this is also explained in detail in this book.actually shah invited three ulema from subcontinent;
one from darul uloom Deoband...Hazrat allma imam ul asar mulana Anwar shah kashmeri رحمہ اللہ
2nd from nadwa tu ulema Luckhnow...hazrat allama syed Suleman nadviرحمہ اللہ
3rd ahel hadeeth qazi Snaul llah amratsari
but two or three days before the departure hazrat kashmeri recieved his father letter in which he was called instead of him hazrat allama Shabeer Ahmad usmaniرحمہ اللہ was selected.
there he delivered two on 14th Zulqadah 1344 hij. 4'o'clock saudi time.the speeches are also printed in this book.
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