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Default The abc of eternal life in few minutes
The ABC of Eternal Life in few minutes
If you think that something is not good in life, in country or church, prayer is best solution.
This book tries to give an explanation of what is eternal life and where it can be found.
This book offers a reading through several texts starting with the book of Adam and Eve, in quest for knowledge about eternal life. I am a passionate reader of religious texts, old texts with preference and after much reading I think that I have a coherent image about eternal life that I can expose.
It does not matter how many sins anyone has. If he does confessions the sins are erased and he can start a new life. Saint Cyprian was the most important sorcerer in his life, he would probably go straight to Hell. However this did not happen since he turned 360 degrees becoming a great saint. Also, to be saved, is good to strive to save others since whatever you try doing to others will eventually come after you. So this is why you need to go only good.

What is eternal life
In the words of Amazing grace lyrics eternal life may be something like this:

When we've been here ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we've first begun.
So with eternal life, after ten thousand years of living , you have no less days to sing to God. That is, whatever you do in ten thousand years, there are no less days that you have to live.

Adam and Eve
As we found out in Genesis Adam and Eve were immortal. There was no religion then and no need of religion. They were in communion with God and they lived a happy life. However there was an event happening that made humanity know death. Yes, according with Bible book of Genesis , Adam and Eve have eaten from forbidden fruit . As part of this event two thing happen. Death entered the world and people were expelled from Heaven.

So the religion had appeared with the express duty of bringing man to eternal life and bringing man into Heaven.

Religion has not as ultimate goal gaining powers or showing miracles or giving health or showing brain waves when doing religious activity or giving wisdom. No. The ultimate goal of religion is to lead you back to lost immortality and to heaven. Miracles had happen with Abraham when he had no covenant with God so miracles are not bound by a specific religion.

Our quest will start with the First book of Adam and Eve that has something very interesting into Third Chapter. Basically Third Chapter explains that Word of God will come to save humanity in year 5500 from Creation. Lets look at Chapter Number III:

Here is a link to Chapter III of book of Adam and Eve:

“Chapter III

Concerning the promise of the great five and a half days
God said to Adam ,”I have ordained on this earth days and years, and thou and thy seed shall dwell and walk in it, until the days and years are fulfilled; when I shall send the Word that created thee, and against which thou hast transgressed, the Word that made thee come out of the garden, and then raised thee when thou wast fallen. Yea, the Word that will again save thee when the five and a half are fulfilled.”
But when Adam heard these words from God, and that great five days and a half, he did not understand the meaning of them.
For Adam was thinking that there would be but five days and a half for him, to the end of the world.
And Adam wept, and prayed God to explain it to him.
Then God in His mercy for Adam His own image and similitude, explained to him, that these were 5000 and 500 years; and how One would then come and save him and his seed.
But God had before that made this covenant with our father, Adam, in the same terms, ere he came out of the garden, and gave him to eat.”

So , according with this book, we know that salvation of Adam and humanity will take place in year 5500 from Creation. Since death and expulsion from Heaven were the problems of humanity, I believe that salvation means here regaining of immortality and entrance to Heaven.
“ Yea, the Word that will again save thee when the five and a half are fulfilled”

So there are some questions:

Who will save humanity? Word of God. See Genesis 15:1 too or Zechariah 12:1

When the humanity will be saved? In year 5500 from Creation.

What do we know about Word of God? Based on this book we know that Word of God created Adam “ when I shall send the Word that created thee”. So Word of God lived at the time of Creation and will live at the year 5500 when will save humanity .

Do we know anything about Word of God from Bible
All new Testament speaks about Jesus that tells everybody that he is Word of God.
John 1:14 The Word became flesh, and lived among us. We saw his glory, such glory as of the one and only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.

Do we know anything about Word of God from Old Testament?
Yes for example in Genesis 15:1 Word of God appears to The Patriarch Abraham in a dream and promised him a number of descendents like the numbers of the stars.

GEN 15:1 After these things the word of Yahweh came to Abram in a vision, saying, "Don't be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward."
This is Jesus, Word of God that came to Abram in a vision.
In many places we meet Word of God that is Messiah, many places in Old Testament.

ZECH 12:1 An oracle. The word of Yahweh concerning Israel. Yahweh, who stretches out the heavens, and lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him says:

Again , Jesus, or Word of God is presented in Zecharias 12:1. As in Book of Adam and Eve, Word of God is presented as having a very important role in creation.

Who is Word of God
Word of God is part of ONE GOD thus God. If for example you see Johny's hand, you're not saying Johny's hand what are you doing, you call Johny. This is why Word of God being part of ONE God is God and can be Worshiped.

People not believing that Word of God Genesis 15:1 exists or that Spirit of God , Genesis 1:2 , that is part of God too, exists , they contradict Old Testament or Tanakh. You can not believe in Old Testament that writes about Word of God in Genesis 15:1 and in other places and then say Word of God does not exists.

What can we deduct from here? That salvation may not exist before year 5500. That all religious leaders before 5500 did not bring salvation and eternal life. Also we know that all religious leaders that have started a religion after year 5500 may not bring salvation. That I believe includes eternal life.
We can deduct more. We can deduct that all people not belonging to the religion started in year 5500 from Creation , while in comma or near death experience may visit Hell.

Now we have to ask the following questions:
Was anybody in our history declaring to be Word of God?
When did he came on Earth?

The only person in the Universe declaring to be Word of God was Jesus and according with the Septuagint he came in year 5500 from Creation.
To date creation the book that came into mind is The Old Testament. However there are two versions that give different dates of creation and two dates of when year 5500 have occurred. Because most of early Church writers used the Septuagint, the other version being used starting with more than 800 years later, we will want to use Septuagint in our calculation. According with Septuagint , creation has started in around year 5500BC. That is , according with Septuagint , Jesus had come in year 5500 from Creation. The meaning of name Jesus is “The Lord is the Savior”.

According with Masoretic texts, and with Bibles based on Masoretic texts found on some Protestant denominations , salvation, that is eternal life and entrance to heaven should have happen in year 1500BC. However nothing of such nature happen and nobody claiming to be Word of God came at that time.

So, we have arrived at the conclusion that the best way of finding eternal life is to look at the work of Jesus and at Christianity.

Was eternal life available before Jesus?

To respond to this question we can take a look to old religions that were started before year 5500 from Creation.

Ancient Greek

In ancient Greek religion souls would go after death in the underworld . Based on ancient Greek religion, nothing is specified about eternal life or entrance to heaven. Underworld by containing a place to punishment, I believe we can probably make the assumption that it is not heaven. This is what some ancient Greeks may have expect to happen before Christianity.

Ancient Roman

In ancient Roman religion the place of the souls of dead people was also the underworld.


According with Wikipedia for the word Sheol the following is the belief: In Judaism She'ol is the earliest conception of the afterlife in the Jewish Scriptures. It is a place of darkness to which all dead go regardless of the moral choices made in life and where they are "removed from the light of God" (see the Book of Job).

I hope you understand the “regardless of the moral choices made in life” part. That is good or bad , direction Hell. Hell or Hades or Sheol for sorcerers is worst, named Tartarus.

Keep in mind that most Eastern Religions, rei ki, tai ki, yoga, Hinduism are witchcraft. And these religions give you a chance to worst part of Hell . Yoga and Hinduism have in their Holy Book , magic. Mantrik in Sanskrit means sorcerer or magician and from here comes mantra. Sure yoga does not mention what it means when it teaches you to do mantras. The demons of yoga and Hinduism lure you with a good concern for your health, lure you with some wisdom to attract into Tartarus .

Reading the descriptions of Hinduists that came from near death experience , to one of them the legs were cut from under the knees . So very disturbing stories from Hell. So people doing yoga, budhism, rei ki, tai ki, if Hell is not something you would like as destination, stop right now.

For bad and for good people Sheol is not the same. Huge difference however, still Sheol not heaven.

I believe that Old Judaism of the Prophets does not exist anymore. New Judaism sees Old Testament through two new other books and Christianity sees Old Testament through New Testament book. New holy book = new religion.


The souls departs from body, where is he going?
Where you can get not being baptized, in old Greek pagan religion, and in other religions beside CHRISTIANITY:
Where you can get after being baptized:

Orthodox Christianity is the right denomination. No other denomination, no other religion comes closer and this is WHY GOD sends Holy Light form Heaven every year only to orthodox Christians. Once I wanted to become Protestant and I was praying to God to show me which of the 30 000 Protestant denominations is the right one. A thought came, Orthodox Christianity is the best way of salvation and this is why I am sending the Holy Light to them. As a believer in God you are requested to put your hope in God. Pray this:

“Dear God please force me to salvation and please give me an understanding of all religions on the Earth.”

Christianity is not the same, protestantism for example having renounced the food for eternal life, Holy Communion, John 6:54, replacing it with symbols, meal for remembrance, words, nothing, so if eternal life is IMPORTANT for you, orthodox Christian is your name. Since this book is about eternal life, is important to describe this.

JN 6:53 Jesus therefore said to them, "Most certainly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you don't have life in yourselves.
JN 6:54 He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.
See, the above verses are a blow to Protestantism. So Holy Eucharist is necessary for ETERNAL LIFE. Yes, Holy Eucharist from ORTHODOX CHURCH. However Protestantism dares replace it with a simple food, with symbols, words or NOTHING.

JN 6:56 He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me, and I in him.
See, this is it. People are coming from mud and from God. Through Holy Eucharist , Word of God is coming into you and you get closer to God . God is going to live in you and you will get ETERNAL LIFE.

So, why in the world would want somebody to run to Protestantism that replace this Holy Communion , this chance of man to be closer to God, with NOTHING or WORDS or meal of remembrance?

According with Christianity Word of God had come in year 5500 from Creation and he had given salvation to people as the book of Adam and Eve said.

John 1 is the place where Jesus is presented as being the Word of God.

John 1:14 The Word became flesh, and lived among us. We saw his glory, such glory as of the one and only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.

Now we have an excellent book named Gospel of Nicodemus. This is a link to this book:
Here we see the chapter regarding the descent of Jesus in Hell. Two people, dead hundreds years before Jesus came, were in Sheol at the time of Jesus descent and they tell their story, what had happen in Hell when Jesus descended, in the work named Gospel of Nicodemus. This story is in the last part named “The descent into Hell”.

In this description, Seth , the son of Adam has described what Archangel Michael had told him while he was praying to get some oil from the Garden of Heaven:
“And I say unto thee, Seth, vex not thyself with tears, praying and entreating for the oil of the tree of mercy, that thou mayest anoint thy father Adam for the pain of his body: for thou wilt not be able to receive it save in the last days and times, save when five thousand and five hundred (al. 5,952) years are accomplished: then shall the most beloved Son of God come upon the earth to raise up the body of Adam and the bodies of the dead, and he shall come and be baptized in Jordan. And when he is come forth of the water of Jordan, then shall he anoint with the oil of mercy all that believe on him, and that oil of mercy shall be unto all generations of them that shall be born of water and of the Holy Ghost, unto life eternal. Then shall the most beloved Son of God, even Christ Jesus, come down upon the earth and shall bring in our father Adam into paradise unto the tree of mercy.”

In the end of this paragraph we see that Jesus will bring:
- eternal life
-”and that oil of mercy shall be unto all generations of them that shall be born of water and of the Holy Ghost, unto life eternal.”
- entrance to heaven
-”Then shall the most beloved Son of God, even Christ Jesus, come down upon the earth and shall bring in our father Adam into paradise unto the tree of mercy.”

From the discussion that emerges we see who is the author of sickness and that some souls escaped Hell by prayers to God. Since this is not our focus we go forward.

So in Hell we find David, Isaiah, Adam, Eve, Seth, Patriarchs and Holy Men:
“he cried out to Seth his son, saying: Declare unto thy sons the patriarchs and the prophets

So what does it mean. It means that even if people were exceedingly righteous like David, Isaiah and Patriarchs and Prophets, this was not enough to go to Heaven. So before year 5500 probably there was not much salvation for people. Now things are certainly different even for people in Hell.

In gospel of Nicodemus, one man had said that he saw Jesus telling his disciples:

“Go into all the world and preach unto every creature (the whole creation): he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that disbelieveth shall be condemned”

So we see that according with the Gospel of Nicodemus, once the year 5500 had come, disbelief in the Word of God can bring condemnation.

This is what we find in the New Testament, so even people that believe Jesus is Prophet and believe in the Book of Bible should pay attention to this:

JN 3:5 Jesus answered, "Most certainly I tell you, unless one is born of water and spirit, he can't enter into the Kingdom of God!
I don't say I understand the exact meaning of John 3:5 . What John 3:5 may say is that without baptism people can have trouble entering the Kingdom of God or Heaven and this may explain why David and Isaiah and Abraham were into hell when Jesus came. I can not explain as to why Enoch and Elijah entered heaven, maybe they were baptized by Word of God in heaven.

If you believe that just by your work you are fine, think if you are cleaner than Isaiah that spoke with God or better than David the Prophet. Above all these qualities you need baptism to enter Heaven and Holy Communion to have eternal life.

Word of God, Christianity and Salvation

Where are the teachings of the Word of God recorded?

The teachings of Word of God are recorded in a book called New testament. Regarding entrance to heaven we have John 3:5 in my understanding is stating that without baptism, one can not see the Kingdom of Heaven.

It occurs to me the declaration of one Christian from a mixed village with many Muslims and Christians and while he visited Heaven he saw just one former Muslim. He asked Jesus why the Muslim was there and Jesus said that this Muslim asked for Jesus to come on his dead bed and he asked Jesus to take him like the Thief on the Cross.

So we see that Word of God links seeing the Kingdom of God by being baptized.

Word of God and eternal life

Eternal life , the purpose of this book , is specifically described in the New Testament in John chapter 6 in versed 6:53-54. Basically people are asked to eat the Holy Eucharist for eternal life.
People are made from mud and from God. They can go into 2 directions, either toward mud through death and disobedience either to God through Holy Eucharist. John 6 explains that by eating Holy Eucharist , eternal life is restored to people and people will move toward God and immortality . John 6 explains that by eating Holy Eucharist God will dwell within man thus man will obtain eternity.

Eternal life in Early Church

From early Church writings we know that on Sundays, Christians celebrated Holy Liturgies centered on Holy Eucharist for eternal life. This was made clear into Holy Liturgy. It was not Eucharist for remembrance but for eternal life.
We have the Holy Liturgy of Apostle James believed to be written in year 60 and Holy Liturgy of Apostle and Evangelist Matthew and Holy Liturgies of many apostles , all centered not on sermon, not on living well and doing good that alone can not move you to heaven but on Holy Eucharist for eternal life.

Today in Orthodox Church , established by Jesus in year 33, we have the same Holy Liturgies centered on giving Eucharist for eternal life. Teachings of Christianity were given by Word of God and Orthodox Christianity is recognized for keeping these teachings unaltered. As a recognition of this, Holy Light miracle comes yearly to the celebration of Easter done by Eastern Orthodox Christians on the exact place of Jesus resurrection. Other miracles that happens yearly , inherited from Early Church are: Jordan river returning to origins on the day of baptism of Jesus , on the exact place were Jesus was baptized. It is said that on the day of the baptism of Jesus, nature recognized him as the Word of God and the river Jordan bowed down flowing backward to origins. There are countless other miracles that happen today in Eastern orthodox Church from Early Church including the annual apparition of cloud on Mount Tabor on the day of transfiguration.

Eternal Life in Protestant Churches

For 1000 years maybe Protestants ancestors were in Orthodox Church. Then several hundred years they come to Roman Catholic Church and several hundred years to new invention called Protestantism. So coming back to Eastern Orthodox Church means coming home, to the Home Church.
Appearing after 1500 looks like protestant Churches have replaced Holy Eucharist for eternal life with symbols, words, a meal for remembrance instead of Holy Eucharist for eternal life, words or nothing. If eternal life is important for you and you don't want to gamble with it, maybe the Eucharist given by the Eastern Orthodox Church is the SAFEST way to obtain it.


As a conclusion I believe that eternal life is neither in the fountain of youth , neither in a miraculous object, but is in the Eastern Orthodox Church nearby. Sometime you can find eternal life by crossing the street and receiving Holy Eucharist. However, we should never forget that entrance to heaven may be considered based on baptism.
Where eternal life is , is surely known by God so don't hesitate to say this:
Dear God , please force me to salvation, eternal life and heaven and open my understanding of all religions on the Earth.


Appendix A
This is maybe one of the most important information you get in your life so please pay attention and understand it.
Lets start with this again:
The souls departs from body, where is he going?
Where you can get not being baptized, in old Greek pagan religion:
Where you can get after being baptized:

JN 3:5 Jesus answered, "Most certainly I tell you, unless one is born of water and spirit, he can't enter into the Kingdom of God!
Life on Earth does have a meaning. Basically is one more chance to correct the choice made by Adam and Eve. It is one more chance to get out of prison or jail Hell, Hades or Sheol. Also is one more chance to escape death and to eat from the tree of eternal life. Eastern Orthodox Christianity offers you both.

Through Baptism Eastern Orthodox Christianity gives you a change to get out of Hell into Heaven. John 3:5
Through food for eternal life , Holy Communion described in John 6:54 , you can get back IMMORTALITY lost in Garden of Eden. You may not find Holy Communion for eternal life in Protestantism, being replaced by symbols , a simple meal for remembrance , words or nothing. Protestant denominations that have something that externally looks like Holy Communion tell you directly that is a symbol and a meal for remembrance.
If you did not made the right choice YET and don't plan to be baptized, then God have mercy on you even if you are as virtuous as King David and spoke with God as many times as prophet Isaiah. Without baptism, both prophet David and prophet Isaiah together with Abraham and Patriarchs were found in Sheol that is Hell.
If you did make the right choice and have been baptized and have taken food for eternal life or Holy Communion, then it is good for you to keep fighting to got o Heaven in good standing condition and to make for you a situation in heaven.
Fighting is the right word because you have many terrific opponents, the sick angels, former good angels appointed by God to help people . They are so powerful , that smallest of them can break down the Earth.
You can scream they can scream louder. You can run, they can run faster. You can think they can outsmart you. So basically much of what you can do, they can do better.
From Gospel of Nicodemus
“1 And while all the saints were rejoicing, behold Satan the prince and chief of death said unto Hell: Make thyself ready to receive Jesus who boasteth himself that he is the Son of God, whereas he is a man that feareth death, and sayeth: My soul is sorrowful even unto death. And he hath been much mine enemy, doing me great hurt, and many that I had made blind, lame, dumb, leprous, and possessed he hath healed with a word: and some whom I have brought unto thee dead, them hath he taken away from thee.”

See who is giving dumbness, sickness and others? Sick angel.

As you see , The sick angel has the power to make people lame, dumb, leprous and possesed by the spirits. Sick. He knows that if you sin, you give him more power. More sin = more power to sick angel to make you dumb, stupid, leprous and with other sicknesses. With sorcery the power given to sick angel is so great that sick angel can take sorcerers alive in Sheol.

So, everything looks lost , sick angel being more powerful than you.

This is not so. Through the decision in garden of Eden, sick angel has obtained power over people and was successfully raising a wall of forgetfulness between people and God. He knows that once you know about God and ask God for help EVERYTHING is lost for him and you are free.

So, what do you need to tear down the wall between God and you so you can obtain help in salvation ?
Simply you just need to pray to God, your Father. There is very bad for man that does put his hope in yourself. In Old testament I believe is said that this man is cursed. Because not tearing down the wall between God and himself and not asking for help through prayer, this man is at the mercy of sick angel that can send to him sickness, dumbness, possession by sick spirits and make his life very miserable.


So, what are the most important things in your life, things that define you: salvation, marriage, the school you follow, the job you are going to have, the salvation of your children, parents, relatives, world, the well being of your country, of Creation.
If it does not occur to you to pray for these to God, the sick angel may do whatever he wants with every one of them. Don’t fool yourself that this does not happen and that in fact you can choose everything you want for what is the most important to you. No, you can not choose and if you choose without God , sick angel may choose chooses actually for you. The thoughts that “YOU” have and that determine what “YOU” choose , can be yours or come either from God or from sick angel. So not asking God for help in these matters, means leaving sick angel free path tchoose for you. Truly yours are the tears that will follow.
Every time you are a crossroad, ask God to choose for you and to force go to the way that he know is best for you, every time you have an hardship ask God to solve it for yourself and try not be alone, because alone does not exist, means alone with sick angel.

1.So right now pray for most important decision that will define you for eternity.
“Dear God, please force me to salvation and to eternal life, force to arrive to heaven for eternity and to be immortal again, and please force me to behave as you can be proud of me”

2.Do the same for your beloved ones.
3.Think to the most important decisions that define who you are and what you do on Earth like marriage, job, how you spend time and others. Pray this:
“Dear God, please help me with my marriage , job , material situation on Earth and on Heaven, please give me the things that you know that I need, please force me to take the decisions that will influence my life in a way that is in my interest and helpful for me. Dear God force to obtain the things that you know I need. Dear God please protect myself and my beloved ones from ANY harm, including my family and please decide for me in all decisions that I make and force me go after the decisions that are best for me.”

If you want to marry add: “ Dear God please force me to marry somebody that is good in your eyes and with whom I can have a very good life”.

If you are married say:” dear God please turn around my marriage into something you like. Please help us with........your problems.........”

If you are looking for a new job add:” Dear God please give me a very good job.”

If you feel that your country is not doing well economically or in other way please pray: Dear God please help my country to solve its problems.

How many times countries have not been saved from famine problems with prayers?

For any problem you foresee for the hour, day, week add:” Dear God please help me solve the problem that I have in a good way”

Prayer is so powerful that once I prayed to see an angel. After several days while shopping I saw somebody that looked like a man with hair like a woman and I was asking myself who is he and where is he coming from? Then I realized it may just be the angel I was praying to see. Take an icon of Archangel Gabriel. Give him modern clothes without changing his hair. This is what I saw. It was so out of this world that it had to be an angel.

You can see God, speak with God through prayer and do other things. God is your father and waiting for you to tear down the wall that separate you and him. He is knocking the door of your soul, so you can pray: dear God please come into my life and take control of my life and put it in order and also please come into my soul.

So don't put your hope in soccer team winning, in your country, in your team in anything else you can think of including your skills, in Islam, money, power of any kind, protestantism or other religions and organizations. Put your hope in God if you want to be victor and many times you can say, dear God if my cause is right please fight for my cause and win it for me.

This does not mean do no study at all and you'll get only maximum grades. No. Even if SO many times this is what actually had happen.

Prayer helped Solomon to become the wisest man on Earth and his prayer said by you can help you too. Prayer helped Arsenie Boca to become what he was. He prayed to God to become a very gifted Elder than can help people very much . Prayer can help many people. Giving children to be taken care and raised by God, is a very good idea. Holy Mother of God was a child like that given to God, Elder Cleopa was a child like that, Emperor Constantine was a child like that too.

If you don't solve the problem with God, somebody else may intervene.

Regarding the above movie , first girl is in Church and she could have prayed to solve her problems. However sick angel make her think at how righteous she is because she does not have a husband ten years younger and she does not need new hat. Please think about how righteous you are but not pray to solve your problems and get to salvation, may say the sick angel to that lady.

Next is a gentleman that could have prayed so that his company and family problems could be solved. He is grabbed with imagining what would happen if he would buy a Lexus. The sick angels would say, think at Lexus and do Anything but as long as you are in Church don't pray because prayer may actually solve your problems with the help of God.

Next is a young gentleman that could have been praying so that God would find for him a really good wife in God's eyes. He does not pray , he looks for a wife by himself, putting his hope in his skills of finding a good wife, and he looses the time of prayer , prayer for actually finding the right wife. He looses that time by imagining what would happen if he would marry the girl near him.

Next is a lady in the church that has problems with her husband watching too much TV. She could have prayed so her problems are solved and her husband turn around. However this does not happen , the sick angel caught her by telling her how righteous she is by not watching soccer and that a righteous person like her should complain much. Sick angel may tell her, complain as much as you want but please, please, please don't pray because your problem may be solved.

Anyhow we should not forget that praying in an Eastern Orthodox Church and listening to sermon is second importance, the most important is to partake FOOD FOR ETERNAL LIFE, Holy Communion that comes from us for 2000 years. Even so, praying is important.

Because the movie above is in Romanian and Russian the plot is this. An elder asks God why God does not respond to people prayers, since they go to Church and pray? God sends an angel and the angel takes him in Church and he can hear prayers but nothing is heard. Then angel discovers the thoughts of everybody. One young lady is commenting why other lady has a new hat. One young man is wondering if he should buy the Lexus. Another young man is wondering why a young girl has a ring on her finger and a woman is upset that his husband is looking to soccer too much. So basically nobody is praying. In the end a small girl in the Church full of people is praying for her father to come out of alcoholism. So, one Church, many people, one prayer from the people.
The movie link again:

May God make that nobody lives like the people in the movie, not utilizing the great gift of prayer, at least for salvation if not for something else.

Once you go to Heaven you may expect to find all richness there, but one woman went there and she found herself naked since she gave no clothes to the poor. She found however a very bad skirt that she gave it to a poor woman rather than toss it in the garbage. Also she found everything she had given to the poor , multiplied hundred times over.
So basically think about what clothes would you like to have in heaven. If you can stay 100 years or more with one pair of clothes you are fine to give one to the poor. Also think at the food. If you can eat over and over the same food, then giving the same food to the poor is OK. Also think if you can live in a tent for years. If not giving a small house to the poor may be advisable and you can get a house 100 times bigger. Now if you give something to the poor and see that the poor loses it don't get upset. Cursing is 100% forbidden in Eastern Orthodox Christianity as praying against the people. Listen to this story.

An old elder gave his best clothe to a poor person and that person sold it for money and the elder became very very very upset. Then , next night he saw Jesus clothed in his cloth asking why are you upset since I have taken you cloth . So his reward is already in heaven, why is he upset. Another woman had given many things to the poor and she was giving these people bad words. They became upset and while she arrived in heaven and found her goods she could not touch them for the bad words she said. Also, to not lose your goods in heaven, do not boast about them.

Keep in mind what you'll do here:

Matthew 25:
MT 25:31 "But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory.
MT 25:32 Before him all the nations will be gathered, and he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.
MT 25:33 He will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.
MT 25:34 Then the King will tell those on his right hand, 'Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world;
MT 25:35 for I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in.
MT 25:36 I was naked, and you clothed me. I was sick, and you visited me. I was in prison, and you came to me.'
MT 25:37 "Then the righteous will answer him, saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry, and feed you; or thirsty, and give you a drink?
MT 25:38 When did we see you as a stranger, and take you in; or naked, and clothe you?
MT 25:39 When did we see you sick, or in prison, and come to you?'
MT 25:40 "The King will answer them, 'Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers{The word for "brothers" here may be also correctly translated "brothers and sisters" or "siblings."}, you did it to me.'
MT 25:41 Then he will say also to those on the left hand, 'Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels;
MT 25:42 for I was hungry, and you didn't give me food to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink;
MT 25:43 I was a stranger, and you didn't take me in; naked, and you didn't clothe me; sick, and in prison, and you didn't visit me.'
MT 25:44 "Then they will also answer, saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and didn't help you?'
MT 25:45 "Then he will answer them, saying, 'Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you didn't do it to one of the least of these, you didn't do it to me.'
MT 25:46 These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life."
Time will come when good deeds will be your ally and will speak for you.
Appendix B
Apologetic for Eastern Orthodox Church

There are some questions regarding Eastern Orthodox Church.

Symbolism in Eastern orthodox Church

Question: Into some icons a skull and bones appear under the cross of Jesus Christ. What is the meaning of the skull and bones.
Response: I believe the skull and bones signifies death and the overall message is that Crucifixion means victory over death. The fact that other organizations appearing 1000+ years later use the same symbols it does not mean anything for Eastern Orthodox Church.

Icons in the Church

Question: Are icons idolatry?
Response: There are many points here that can be made.

Idolatry: Before understanding if something may be idolatry we need to define idolatry.
My definition of idolatry means to believe that somebody or something is equal or above God.
So idolatry is not about external behavior is about internal belief.
See, for example if a boy kneels in front of a girl, is not idolatry since the boy does not believe that girl is above or equal with God. Kneeling in front of a girl is a sign of respect and love not idolatry. Kissing the picture of a mother is not idolatry since mother is not above or equal with God . However kissing the picture of a mother is a sign of love. On the same level, bowing in front of an icon or kissing an icon is not idolatry since nobody believes that an icon is equal or above God.

In Eastern Orthodox Christianity nobody and nothing is equal or above God so there is impossible of having idolatry. Impossible.

Kissing an icon is a sign of respect and love for the saints or God depicted in the icon.

Can icons be used in Temples or Churches?
Well, there are two interpretations of the 10 Laws.

One interpretation says that people are not allowed to have ANY image made by men and that by doing so people border idolatry. The interesting fact is that denominations having this interpretation do not respect it. You see these denominations having TV programs, publishing RELIGIOUS magazines WITH PICTURES of things above Earth and so on. So they say we believe in something we don't respect anyhow but we consider that you should respect it.

This interpretation has great problems with God ordering people of Old Law to have cherubim on the temple 1 King 6:23-24 and angels on the ark of covenant. We see God approving the Temple, in 1 King 9:23 , even if the Temple had images on its walls . This interpretation can not explain why Apostle Luke was a known painter of icons that are kept even today, and can not explain why Jesus put his face on a napkin that he sent to the King Abgar of Edessa so he was cured of leprosy. This napkin with image of God is like an icon. Also this image cured leprosy, so this was a miracle working icon and was displayed on a gate for entering the city.

Another interpretation says that is Ok to have images on temple doors and images however you should not consider these images to be above or equal with God thus idols. Under this interpretation any icon is Ok as long as it is not considered above or equal with God.

However there is something more into it. The Bible has two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament is the Old Law WITHOUT salvation power and in the New testament is the New Law with salvation power. These Laws are distinct:
-in Old Law you are people of God in New Law you are children of God and asked to call God Father. Baptism is dying as child of Adam and becoming child of God born of God, Holy Spirit in baptism. As child of God you are allowed to see Heaven. Do you understand? As child of Adam, every religion beside Christianity may not see heaven. As child of God, born of God through baptism, you can see Heaven.
-in Old Law you are circumcised that means flesh belongs to God. In new Law you are baptized that means flesh and soul belongs to God
-in Old Law people were not allowed to see God and paint God, in New Law children of God were allowed to see God and to paint God in icons

See, before Old Law there was Noahide Law that was supposed to be without ending for Normal people. When Moses came and made people as people of God, they had the Old Law renouncing entirely to Noahide Law. It was not 50% Noahide, 50% Old Law or 10% Noahide and 90% Old Law. It was 100% Old Law.
Now, when people become Children of God, the Old Law does not apply to them at all, neither 10 commandments, neither Saturday, neither circumcision, neither nothing out of Old Law.

Yes Noahide Law may have something wise in it and Old Law may have something wise into it, however these laws have not salvation power, they offer NO ETERNAL LIFE and NO ENTRANCE to HEAVEN, and they are not supposed to be followed at all by Christians.

So to say God ordered people to do that is not enough. Are you referring to people of God to which applies Old Law or are you referring to children of God to which applies New Law.

To ask why people of God do not respect New Law or why children of God do not respect the Old Law has the following answer. Because they are not supposed to.

Lets say a comparison, lets compare normal people with 3rd graders, people of God with 8th graders and children of God with Phds or doctoral degrees. Lets compare Noahide Laws with the eternal regulations for 3rd graders, the Moses Laws with the eternal regulations for 8th graders and New Laws with eternal regulations for Phds.

In 3rd grade you are supposed to follow 3rd grade rule, the Noahide laws. Then you advance to 8th grade by circumcision becoming people of God from normal people and here you are supposed to respect the Moses Laws with Saturday and flesh eating restrictions. Then you advance even more to Phd by baptism and becoming child of God , so you get eternal life and entrance to heaven and here you are supposed to follow the NEW LAW. To say that somebody going to 8th grade should follow 3rd grade regulations is nonsense, and in the same sense is nonsense to ask a Christian to respect Old Testament percepts.

History: From an historical point of view we see images like icons used in the Judaic temples.
Actually God ordered people in Old Law to have cherub on the walls of the temple. We see Jesus sending to King Abgarus his face, , God's face on a napkin, we see Apostle Luke as a very talented painter of icons, then we see all the Early Church venerating icons. The we see Protestantism departing from Church tradition and leaving NEW LAW's, food for eternal life and going straight to OLD LAW that has NO salvation power and getting either Saturday celebration and mixing Old Law with New Law. Also we see them raising against icons, against what Apostle and Evangelist Luke did. This does not make sense.

Question: Are icons worshiped?
Answer: For something or somebody to be worshiped means to be considered equal or above God. If anything or anybody is below God, then everything you do it can not be worshiping. Icons are below God so they can not be worshiped. Using incense near icons is a sign of veneration like in the Judaism, incense was used for the arc of the Covenant .

Question: Because Christianity allows eating of more animal flesh, is in any way Christianity inferior to other religions not allowing that?
Response: Before flood people were not allowed to eat any flesh. Are we going to imply that they had a better religion than everybody because they did not eat any flesh? No. They may not had at that time entrance to heaven and Eternal life and salvation since year 5500 had not arrived.

Question: Many things held true by Christianity are not in the Bible. According with our principle of Sola Scriptura we will not consider these.
Response: Well, Martin Luther, Calvin, Johny and White are not in the Bible so according with Sola Scriptura principle they are not necessary for salvation. Protestantism is not in the Bible, the Reform is not in the Bible and according with Sola Scriptura you should not listen to it. Because you believe that if something not in Bible is not necessary for salvation, then protestantism is not in Bible so according with Sola Scriptura it is not necessary for salvation so you can come home, to eastern orthodox Church, the Church of your forefathers. So if you do not respect your principle don't ask us to respect every principle you don't respect.

Sola Scriptura is this. Out of 1 billion valid historical documents , Sola Scriptura takes everything and throws it out of the window keeping just Bible. Then everything that is not found in the Bible is built based on imagination and because imagination is different you have 30 000 different pictures of reality, 30 000 of protestant denominations that flagrantly contradict many valid historical documents, documents that are recording beliefs of Early Church. To be understood better, think what would happen with history if all the valid historical document will be thrown away and just the writings of Herodotus will be kept, and everything will be built on imagination having 30 000 different histories contradicting each other. Do you see what kind of thing is asking Protestantism from Eastern orthodoxy? To throw away valid historical documents and to believe imagination. In almost all debates orthodoxy versus protestantism are debates between valid historical documents and imagination.

Ok, lets say I am an history teach and today I am going to teach you about Columbus discovering America. But I am going to teach you following Sola Herodotus. That is I am taking all historical documents and throw them on window and I am keeping just the works of Herodotus, the Father of History.

So based on Herodotus nothing I can find out about Columbus so I let my imaginations fly. So Columbus bought 20 passenger planes from King of France . And he flew them and landed on a airport built by Amerindian people. Why are you laughing? This is Sola Herodotus. This is like protestantism.And he took his people on motorcycles and two SUV's and went far into America. What? It does not contradict Herodotus writings and anything else you're going to show me I am not going to consider. Because is not in the Herodotus and thus is not necessary for history.

So if Sola Herodotus does not work, Sola Scriptura works worst than that. If you don't believe Columbus went with passenger plane , then you are safe not believing Protestant stories.

Take for example icons. There are icons painted by Apostle and Evangelist Luke in Orthodox monasteries, however Protestantism speaks against icons, speaks against the work of Apostle and Evangelist Luke.

Appendix C Miracles

A religion is not a University. Is not giving only wisdom , it operates above wisdom and anything that can be discovered by science. So a religion needs to have miracles. So what miracles does the Christianity have? What miracles has Eastern orthodox Christianity has?

Every aspect of Jesus life in the New testament is accompanied by miracles:

1. Easter is the victory of death over life. On Easter day, in Eastern orthodox Christianity, Holy Light is descending from God, in front of people, on the exact place where Jesus was resurrected. Holy Light comes in the Church built on his sepulcher. This is similar with the column of Light that lead Jews into the desert.

Here is an article about Holy light:
Here is a movie about Holy Light:
Even if many christian confessions have tried to get Holy light, it come only to Eastern Orthodox Christianity showing the truth of this faith.

2.Baptism allows people to see Heaven. When Jesus was baptized, nature showed submission for Word of God and bowed down with holy Jordan river flowing backward while Jesus was baptized. Year after year this miracle happen even in our times. Here is an movie:

3.The cloud on Mount Tabor.

Every year on transfiguration day a cloud comes on Mount Tabor. I have seen a picture with this cloud .

4.The skeletons in Egypt

I read that on the time of Bright week, when Jesus had victory over death, in Egypt, near pyramids skeletons come away from Earth and stay in vertical position until the Thursday of Bright week, when Jesus finishing his salvation work and assumed to heaven. I have no picture or movies yet about this miracle.

1+2+3+4 are yearly miracles.

5. Holy water.

Here you see pictures with the actual water structure transformation through the blessing prayer, so it become Holy water. Incredible how prayer can change water structure.

6. Saints appearing after death, doing miracles after death, moving mountains, having uncorrupted bodies and many more.

Many Easter orthodox Christians can tell you about saints helping through intercession. The Ladder to Heaven dreamed by patriarch in Old testament while sleeping is in Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Holy Mother of God does many many many miracles.
"The Miracle in Syria"

Compiled by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes, Boise, Idaho USA


In December 2004 a Saudi Arabian man, a Moslem, appeared before several new agencies to relate the following incredible event he experienced and which changed his life (this story appeared on TV, the Internet, radio, and was circulated in newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets throughout Saudi Arbia, Syria, Palestine, and evidently in all neighboring countries.

Some years ago, this man married a very rich Moslem woman but sterile. As the years passed, and despite all their efforts and significant medical expenses with many doctors, they remained childless. The man's parents suggested to him that he marry a second woman, while upholding his initial marriage (as the local laws permits up to four concurrent marriages).

Being exhausted, worried, and downhearted, he did not accept his parents' advice but rather chose to vacation with his wife in Syria. There, they hired a limousine with a driver who would serve as tour guide fro all their site-seeing excursions throughout Syria. As the vacation progressed, the driver noticed that the Saudi Arabian couple was experiencing bitterness, pain, and grief. Having gained familiarity with the couple, the driver cautiously asked them whey they appeared to be so unhappy-was it perhaps because he was not conducting the tour to their satisfaction?

The couple confided to the driver that the source of their unhappiness was their inability to have children. The driver who was also a Moslem, then told them that in Syria the Christians, specifically the Orthodox Christians, have a monastery named Panagia Saidraya (Arabic word meaning Our Lady) and that many people who can't have children take refuge to Her miracle-producing icon. They go to the monastery and there they are given to eat, the wick form the lamp which burns before the miraculous icon. And then the "Mary" of the Christians gives them according to their faith, what they wish for.

Becoming excited, the Saudi Arabian and his wife asked the driver to take them to the monastery "Saidnaya" of "The Lady of the Christians" and said that if we have a child, then I will come back and I will give you $20,000.00 US and, I will give the monastery $80,000 US. So they went to the monastery and did as they were instructed. Later they returned to their homeland and after some time the wife was found pregnant. In a few months she gave birth to a charming baby boy. It was truly a miracle of Our Lady Theotokos.

Now, as soon as his wife gave birth the Saudi Arabian man wanted to return to Syria to uphold the promises he had made. Upon his return he called the same driver and asked to be picked up at the Damascus airport. But the driver was cunning and wicked and he persuaded two of his friends to go to the airport with him to pick up the rich Saudi Arabian man and to take his money and kill him. So they picked up the rich man at the airport and he, as they drove, without realizing that they had planned to kill him, told the friends of the driver that he would give them also $10,000 US each.

These men still not satisfied, deviated from the route to the monastery and went to a deserted place and proceeded to slay the Saudi Arabian man and to cut off his head and other parts (hands and legs) of his body into pieces. Blinded by passion and overcome by the horrific act that they just committed, they put the man's remains in the trunk of the car rather than just leaving him there. After taking his money, watch, and all that he had, they proceeded to find another deserted place to discard the remains.

Then on the National highway, their car broke down and stopped in the middle of that road. The three men got out to determine why the engine had stalled. Then a passerby stopped to help them but they, afraid that their terrible act would be discovered, pretended that they did not need any help. But as the passerby motorist was leaving, he noticed blood dripping from the rear of the vehicle and he called the police to investigate because the scene and the three men looked suspicious. The police came and they saw the blood under the car and on the pavement so they ordered that the trunk be opened.

Well, when the opened the trunk, lo and behold, the Saudi Arabian man lifted himself out, obviously and amazingly alive and in good health, saying to them "Just now this PANAGIA finished stitching my neck, right here (showing them the area of his Adam's Apple), after first stitching up the rest of my entire body". Seeing this, the three criminals immediately lost their minds-becoming like mad. The police handcuffed them and as they were being taken away to an asylum for the insane, the criminals started raving that it could not be possible that the Saudi Arabian man whom they killed, beheaded, and dissected could yet be alive.

The Saudi Arabian went to a medical facility to undergo examination by doctors and medical examiners who confirmed and attested that the stitching was done very recently, thereby validating the miraculous event. The stitches were, and still are, obvious. When the Saudi Arabian came out of the car's trunk, he had the appearance, literally, of just having been refabricated (put back together) to which he continuously confessed that they PANAGIA had rejoined his body and resurrected him with the help of her Son.

Immediately after this, the Saudi Arabian called his relatives to come to Syria and they all went together to the monastery of Panagia Saidnaya and offered up prayers, praises, and glorification, and instead of the initial gift of $80,000 US (which was promised), he gave $800,000 US to the Theotokos.

Today, as this man relates the details of that overwhelming miracle, he starts his narration with "When I was a Moslem this happened to me" this indicating he is not longer a Moslem, as neither is his family.

This miracle stunned with awesome surprise the entire Arabic/Moslem nation and all of the Middle East. ”

Saint Spiridon have incorruptible body, he is like sleeping and many times his body is missing and his shoes are to be changed every year since they become worn out.
Here is an account:
Saint Mark have moved Mountains. Saint Parascheva has also many miracles. Arsenie Boca has so many miracles, incredible. There are several inspiring books that tell about his miracles.

Many many miracles:
The Icon of Holy Mother of God blinking:

An account of Miracles of Saints:

Eastern Orthodox Christianity has most miracles and most powerful ones being the right way. Other religions have miracles too. To say there are no miracles outside Eastern orthodox Christianity is to say there were no miracles in Old Testament which is no right. Jesus name drives away sick angels for every man of every confession. However let not forget, the means are to get baptized so you can get into Heaven and to get food for eternal life, Holy Communion , that you can find in Eastern orthodox Church.

Anything interesting that people should know?
Well, people dying after having Holy Communion may go straight to heaven having God in themselves. Same thing with people dying on bright week since skies are open. Also this book says on point 26 that whomever writes it will have the book of the sins erased and many other good things, as a gift of Jesus in honour of his Father Joseph. Also I read that by having a candle burning in front of an icon for one day you have one day in Heaven.

The orthodox Christian came to the wise man and said:
I teach my children in a good school.
The wise man wrote an 0.
Orthodox Christian said: I send my children to the best sports and I train them to be healthy:
The wise man put another 0 in front of it.
Orthodox Christian said: I teach my children to work hard.
The wise man put another 0 .
Orthodox Christian said: I teach my children to avoid stealing.
The wise man put another 0.
Orthodox Christian said: I teach my children to stop being lazy.
The wise man put another 0.
The Orthodox Christian man said: I give my children baptism for entering Heaven and food for eternal life.
The wise man smiled and put an 1 in front of so many 0's. He said: Without life and entrance to heaven, these qualities are 0's. Only by having eternal life and by entering the Heaven , children will be able to enjoy the qualities you are looking for.

Other interesting books: - in romanian language – in romanian language, The war and the Bible Arsenie Boca Memories – romanian language romanian Cleopa stories book. Abortion can be forgiven to confession at an Orthodox Priest
Miracles: Romanian

The souls departs from body, where is he going?
Where you can get not being baptized, in old Greek pagan religion:
Where you can get after being baptized:
How to pray in Church. Praying in an Eastern Orthodox Church and listening to sermon is second importance, the most important is to partake FOOD FOR ETERNAL LIFE, Holy Communion that comes from us for 2000 years. Even so, praying is important too so how to pray?
Because the movie is in Romanian and Russian the plot is this. An elder asks God why God does not respond to people prayers, since they go to Church and pray? God sends an angel and the angel takes him in Church and he can hear prayers but nothing is heard. Then angel discovers the thoughts of everybody. One young lady is commenting why other lady has a new hat. One young man is wondering if he should buy the Lexus. Another young man is wondering why a young girl has a ring on her finger and a woman is upset that his husband is looking to soccer too much. So basically nobody is praying. In the end a small girl in the Church full of people is praying for her father to come out of alcoholism. So, one Church, many people, one prayer from the people.
The Icon of Holy Mother of God blinking:

The story of the book:
One day I was reading a news paper, about a man that was a known apologist of his faith. He used mostly Internet and the new technologies. Reading it I said, well, this sounds very good. But that was not all. An internal voice told me, you are actually going to be like him. It was hard for me to believe this bun anyhow time went on.
Years have passed by and I had a fellow at my job doing some kind of eastern religion that I was aware is dangerous, most of eastern religions being witchcraft disguised in health promotion. So I was uneasy considering him a friend and letting him dwelling in witchcraft and collecting future tears was not something I would consider right. So I wanted to speak with him about Eastern Orthodox Christianity but I realized that with what I have I could not convince me about the truth of Eastern Orthodox Christianity , if I would not be Eastern Orthodox Christian. So fortunately I started praying, dear God please give me enough information so I can build a strong case for Eastern Orthodox Christianity and please also let me know about several miracles because I believe that these are really important. So, I started reading and documenting, anyhow God gave me the right material and in several weeks I had a very strong case for Eastern Orthodox Christianity , strong that I could be convinced to become Eastern Orthodox Christian if I would not be one.
Time went by and I was an avid reader and debater in religious discussions as I was told years earlier. In the debates I met many problems that gave me no solution and through prayer I found an answer that looked good enough and I believe in concordance with orthodoxy.
So, this Easter I have heard an internal voice to put this on writing, and this is this book. Everyone is free to print it or translate it , no strings or fees or author rights from my side are attached to it, and may God guide it so it will bring the maximum benefit and salvation to everybody and everyone.
This book is trying to respond to the question: Where is eternal life in this World?
May God bless everybody!

Because this story touches abortion, I need to mention that abortion is forgiven through confession at an orthodox priest. Speaking against abortions and saving the life of unborn children actually helps greater. Many people did clinics anti abortion near abortion clinics and they saved thousands of lifes. This makes a great impact in heaven and at the judgment.

Also is worth mentioning that intra uterine devices can cause abortion and same thing may happen with contraceptive pills. So these is good to be confessed and stopped.

The Miracles of Elder Arsenie Boca an elder that prayed to God for being a very helpful elder to his fellow citizens. If he would put his faith in himself, he may have not realized much. Like Solomon, through prayer he reached to God and God helped him.

Coming to the monastery, he became a monk and he had the name Arsenie. After a time, the Archbishop send him in Greece, at Athos Mountain to become holy. Coming to the Holy Mountain and knowing nobody, the Father entered a forest and prayed to the Savior to send him a great teacher but he was not listed to. However Father Arsenie remembered that the Savior has a good Mother and he prayed to Holy Mother of God with tears in his eyes, to send him somebody to teach him about being a good monk. And the Father said that Holy Mother of God came and took him by his hand and brought him up to a Mountain between two falls, and it was very scary to look underneath . And the Mountain was very stiff, that it had a place just to put the feet. And Holy Mother of God put him there and gave him to Saint Seraphim of Sarov to teach him and after that Holy Mother of God disappeared. And then the Father went every day on the top of that Mountain and he was not afraid that he can fall. 40 days he was taught by this Saint. This he had said it to several believers . Holy Mother of God helped him so he could fast for 40 days without interruption. After one year he came to Sambata Monastery with Holy Spirit, with a prophecy gift and with a power, so if he would look at you, you felt like electricity in the soul and became meek. He could see your thinking, he could tell your name, your sins and the things you have done knowing your life.
In Romania and in Europe there is no spiritual Father like him(Fr Petru Vavulescu)
His Mother said that she felt something like having a Light while pregnant and that she was very happy. And Father Arsenie said that his Father, going to US , left him clean while unborn(Fr Petry Vavulescu)
At the beginning, Father Arsenie had a very strict life: he was eating once a day (bread and water) and he slept on the floor. Sometime he would go for a week at the mountain, just with Bible. On Saturday night he would come back to celebrate a Holy Liturgy on next Sunday, and he had many tears while celebrating. It was very hard not to cry at his Holy Liturgy. After celebration he would go back in the Mountain. He had an extraordinary life, of hermit.(Fr Sofonea Ioan)
The Church was always full of Christians , that were coming to ask Father Arsenie for suggestions,. With everyone of these believers , a miracle did happen, sometime known only by them and the Father. Many books would be able to be written if anyone would write down these true stories. Important is however to listen to the advice of the Father Arsenie and to the advice of the Church.(Balan Silvica)
Father Arsenie told us once how did he start the activity at Sambata. It was on Christmas fasting period and he was painting an icon of the SAVIOUR, that he did not finish. In the time he was painting, an internal voice told him: Arsenie don't paint me on icons, because the time its ripe. Go and paint myself in the hearths of the people, through your word. Tell them that problems and suffering are coming against them.
(Fr Sofonea Ioan)
Fr Arsenie Boca:”Many follow Jesus on the Mountain of Happiness , but very few on Golgotha, until the cross. To the cross did go only the love of his Mother and the love of the beloved disciple John.
You life will bring more fruit if you became the disciple of divine love rather than the disciple of love of sins.

We did not wait too much and Father entered into the Church . Once he went to the Alter he looked back and asked who has the biggest problem. Somebody said that this belongs to an old woman paralyzed from middle down. Looking at her, Father Arsenie said, yes she has the worst problem. Do you know aunt, why do you have such problems. The old lady nodded that she does not know. She started crying. Don't cry too much because somebody will take care of you. Do you know whom? And then he showed with his finger to the sky: God. Because this old house is becoming damaged, said Father thinking at the body of man. And you took the sins of George, of John and of Basil, you suffer for these sins.

There was in the crowd a priest from the Land of Fagaras ( from Dragus) and he said. Father I have something to tell you in between 4 eyes. Father Arsenie told him: Not in between 4 eyes but in a loud voice so that everybody is going to understand and you're going to learn one from another.

One mother went with his son of about 18 years at father Arsenie. When she was in the front of the parent, she started praising her child saying : “Father I have a very good boy. He does not drink, does not smoke, and he does not do bad things with girls. He is very good”. Father, looking at him with a slow voice , smiling :”Yes he is very good”, then in a loud voice” You, should not do fornication with your hand” letting the mother and boy perplexed.

One man of around 50 years old had the face damaged by a chemical substance, nitrogen. He came to the Father to give him a small diptych. Why do you think that you destroyed your face to be disgraceful for everybody? The man stayed in silence. I will tell you why...when you were young you dishonored a lady, however you did not marry her. She remained alone and until this day she is alone and not able to have children being bare since she had an abortion, to avoid the shame of a child without a father, and since then she could not remain with children. You did sin and you made her sin. Now you pay through suffering. The man started crying.

Two women came to Father Arsenie at Draganescu, Once they came Father asked, what do you have in the luggage, and he put his hand in their bag. He took out salami and asked them why they eat salami on the Holy week? He gave the salami to the dogs however neither dog did not ate it.

Once, a pregnant woman from Sibiu came to father Arsenie , at Draganescu. When he see her, he said, go back soon and make sure you don't loose the train. The women went back angry thinking as to why did the Father did not speak with her. She arrived home at 1 am, in the night. Once she entered the home the water broke and she called 911 and at 4 a clock she gave birth to a boy she called Ion.
(Maica Glicheria)
Two engineers, husband and wife from the factory I worked, divorced because of the parents. When the woman saw father Arsenie , she started crying and told him her situation, that she divorced because of her parents in love and that she has a daughter and that she does not know what to do. Father Arsenie told her with a smile:” Don't worry, don't cry, because after 7 years you'll come together with your husband. I don't know if the woman did believe him because 7 years are not 7 days or 7 weeks or 7 months, but 7 years. Exactly after 7 years they come together, and today they live in harmony.(Bogdan Juncu)
When the Father was working on a hut on a mountain he had 12 people helping him . One told me that once while climbing a bear appeared to them and they stayed even if they had axles. When the Father came, he went with bare arms to the bear and took his ear and told him” Go down since these people are scared”. And the bear went down.

Once I saw Father Arsenie in the Draganescu Church . He was cleaning a wall with a brush. I said “ You're working hard Father!” And he said: “This is not hard for me. Hard are solving your problems!”(Sarbu Elisaveta)

Once somebody did said: “ Father, Ceausescu is destroying the Churches!. “Not him, the sins of the world” he responded (Maria Matronea)

Father Arsenie was not happy with building walls, and his fight was for people to become churches of Holy Spirit. He said” On walls will come weeds, if there are not living churches” (Mother Pahomia)

Father Arsenie wanted for mothers to give birth to all their children. He said that the end of the world comes when children are not born and when many people will die because of accidents, crimes, thunders. Many sufferings come over us because we need to pay for the ones that don't want to know the sin, because of those that go after pleasures and kill .(Mother Glicheria)

Father said to everybody that for the health of a woman , is good to have 3-4 children. If we don't give birth to as many as they come, the sin is coming over these people living.(Emilia Span)

Regarding marriage, Father said that every bag has it's own patch. And he said, “You don't raise dogs, you raise children without parents.

A 60 years old woman , from Sambata de Jos, was crying because his son started drinking and when he came home, he was batting her with a chain. Father looked at her, raised his eyes and he said in a loud voice” You are getting beaten not by your son but by the 22 abortions that you did. Do you know what that means? Listen here: that means as many souls going to the other world without being baptized and they would not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven because of you. However you had money and you built a great sepulcher , like you're going to stay there after death. (Lucia Chima)

2 women from Draganescu went to the Father. The Father asked a woman, How many years you have? She said “33”. And how many children did you have? I can tell you:32”. I was thinking that she could not have one child every year, but she said that she did even 3 abortions a year.

When he was at Draganescu, I brought to the Father a sister of mine from a village and she was saying that his husband was very jealous. She said she has no guilt and that she does not go with other men. Father said: “It is your fault because you did an abortion and you did not confess” I said: Father I am going to send her to Cernica monastery top confess” but father said: “Don't send her to monks because they will give her canon and she can not exit from it. Send her to your priests from the city”(Sarbu Elisaveta)

There was in the times of war. A woman, Catalina found out that her husband died in war. She was pregnant and started running in Sibiu. She saw that she was full of blood. In despair she did an abortion and she came to the Sambata monastery. After Holy Liturgy Father said: “Catalina, Catalina, what have you done. I know that your husband and child has died. You were tried. But if you would let the unborn one...You killed a child with whom God had a grandiose plan.(Fr Petru Vanvulescu)

A coworker, Radu C , came to father Arsenie because he had great problems. His wife was very angry and he did not know what to do with her. Father said: How many children do you have? Radu said: One Father because the life is hard and I can not raise him” Father told him quaickly:”Not one or two, but four or five children you should have, do you understand!?” The man leaved angry , but when he was near the door , Father said in a loud voice:” leave the children to come, not one or two but four or five, if not she will get crazy. Keep in your mind what am telling you” This advice make him shudder and he went home and told his wife. Today they have five children and his wife is very calm and healthy, and they are very happy and have everything to raise their children. They have everything they need.(Bogdan Juncu)
Once Father Arsenie was in the Church and spoke with people. He was calling everybody and he was saying their sins loud for everybody to hear. He asked a man of 46 years, with a sick wife. “How many children do you have?” The mans said he has 3 children.” and where are the others? Or did you send them on the river?” The man said he did not send them on a river” Then where are the other children? I know you did not send them on a river, but you “threw” them out, as you do. Go and tell your wife to do one more child and she will get healthy. If she will give birth to one more child God will forgive a part of the sins, but there will remain a lot. Did you understand” “I understand Father” said the man(Bilboaca Matei)


This may be as importance the first appendix and is about the 40 Liturgies that can take souls from Hell and move them to Heaven. On the time of Holy Liturgy, skies do open and, out of love for people, God comes to prepare food for eternal life. This is one of the highest prayers on the Earth and with the respect of eternal life, maybe the highest. Unfortunately, even if there are documents with Christians having Holy Liturgies from year 60, Protestantism has renounced to it.

Beside, giving food of eternal life to people, Holy Liturgy has another very important role. When God comes to prepare food for eternal life, at the Holy Liturgy, names of the people requesting to be mentioned in front of God, are heard by God and many miracles had happen though this, including souls being saved from Hell.

To have your name mentioned in front of God, you go at an Orthodox Church and fill on an empty paper two columns. One on the left has title Living and the column on right side has the title, departed.
Then on left columns you list all people you want mentioned in front of God. If you know a specific problem for somebody you can name it near his name like SALVATION,job, marriage, happiness or anything else.

At the end of the left column you put will all their living relatives and at the end of right column you put with all their departed relatives, so many people can be beneficiaries of this.

Also is very helpful if you put in these lists people you know that are lone or poor or have problems. Is good to mention as many people as possible if not all.

Then you take the list, in front of the Church, on the left door waiting for the priest to come and to take it. Mentioning is done either in low voice either in loud voice, however stories say that if the priest does not mention somebody giving the list, angels will do it. If possible this list should be taken with a suggested donation, every church has its own and with a lit candle. Here is an example: http://www.holytransfigurationmonast...turgy_form.pdf

In Romania there exists a monastery named Crasna where for a suggested donation of around 50-100 $
people are mentioned in front of God day after day for 7 years, with the exception of days when Holy liturgy is not served because of Church regulations. Crasna monastery email: and phone number: +(40)244292562 and on this link messages can be sent: To be able to do this, to serve so many people, every monk participates at the Holy Liturgy mentioning names in front of God and they have many Altars since just one Holy liturgy can be celebrated on one day on one altar. 7 years can mean more than 2000 Liturgies where the departed is mentioned.

Another monastery doing this is Cernica Monastery near Bucharest: Phone tel.: 021.351.17.37.

This mentioning of a departed soul for 7 years or mopre is the best gift a departed soul can receive.

Elder Cleopa and the 40 Liturgies:

Commemoration at Forty Divine Liturgies:

I want to relate a story to you. France was Orthodox until the year
1054, as was Italy, for until that time all countries were of ONE faith.
The Roman Catholics (Papists/Vatican Religion) separated from us in
1054, in the great papal schism when our Church was torn apart because
of papal reforms.

Before that time, there was a priest in France (which was still
Orthodox) who had a brother in the military. The French were at war
with the Mauritanians. Mauritania is what we refer to as French Africa,
right on the other side of the Gibraltar, toward Liberia. At one time it
was a Kingdom. So the French were there fighting against the
Mauritanians, on the other side of Gibraltar, in Africa.

The French priest’s brother went to Mauritania with his military
regiment. At that time war wasn’t like it is now with atomic bombs and
planes , canons and guns; then they fought with Swords, like in the days
of Stephen the Great1, with swords and arrows.

The French thus went into Mauritania to fight this great battle between
the European armies and those in Africa. Even though the French won the
battle, many of their soldiers were captured by the Mauritanians,
amongst whom was the priest’s brother. The priest was from Marseilles, a
French port which is on the Mediterranean Sea.

The priest did not know that his brother had fallen prisoner, and when
the other soldiers returned to France at the end of the war, he asked
them, “Have you seen my brother?” “Father, I think he died in all the
carnage of the battle. Bodies were laying like tree stumps –The Battle
was so bad- and I think that he died, poor man.”

The priest, with a BROTHER’S LOVE, decided to serve the Divine Liturgy
for Forty days in which he specifically commemorated his Brother.
However, the priest’s brother was not dead, but rather a prisoner, and
he was bound with chains in a prison with many others who were also

The priest would be serving Divine Liturgy at about 10:00 in the
morning, and at that exact time all the chains would fall off of his
brother, leaving him completely free.

The other prisoners said, “What is happening with you? Why do those
Chains fall off of you? Are you some kind of wizard?”

“No, I don’t know anything about magic stuff.”
“Yeah right!, You don’t know magic!”
All of his chains would break and fall off every day at 10:00. The
guards would chain him again and the next day the chains would break and
fall. Another set of chains, and another set broken like dust.
“This Guy is a real Wizard! He’ll just walk out of prison when he wants,
look, the chains can’t hold him!”

No One understood what was going on, and they would ask Him,
“What kind of magic do you have? Do you have some magical amulet hidden
in your shirt or in your pants?”
Saying this, the guards would strip him of his clothes. “Tie me up
naked, if you don’t believe me!”
They did exactly that, and the next day, the chains would again fall off
of him. The guards were baffled and asked each other, “Where does he
hide his magic? If we knew how to do what he does, we could escape from
anywhere!, “Now where do you hide your magic?” He insisted, “I don’t
know magic.”

“Then what religion are you?” they asked, since they were all Moslems.

“I am a Christian. I believe in Christ. I don’t know any incantations
because I believe otherwise. My brother is a priest in my homeland of
France, and I think that he is serving the Liturgy now and removes a
particle for me at Proskomedia, thinking that I am dead. If I WERE dead
and in hell, I would be unbound even there, like I am here. I think this
is what is happening, but I don’t even know for sure.”

“How long is this going to happen to you?”
“Our practice is to serve forty Liturgies. You will see that for these
forty days, the chains fall off of me.”
“After that, what will happen?”
“I don’t know what will happen, except that I will be delivered from
your hands.”
“How? You won’t slip out of our hands!”
“I believe that God would deliver me even if I were in hell, thanks to
the forty Liturgies; and he will certainly deliver me from your hands
“You’ll see what kind of supervision we put you under then!”
The guards figured out when the Forty days would be up, and did not put
chains on the Man during that time, “It’s useless to chain him because
during these forty days they just break apart and fall off of him!”

On the Fortieth day, they were all keeping watch over him. They put
double bars on the doors, bound him in chains again, and set a guard
just for him, “Don’t take your eyes off of him. Today is the fortieth
day and he claims that he will leave here!”

As the guards were watching him, suddenly they beheld that the roof of
the prison split open and a hand descended, took the prisoner by the
hair of his head, and he was gone.

Where did he go? He was deposited on the porch of his house in
Marseilles within a moment from the time he was lifted out of prison.

The Guards were asked, “What Happened!?”
“Christ came. We saw a hand,” (They did not know that it was the angel
of the Lord, not Christ himself.) “He snatched the prisoner from us and
we fell down trembling. No one could have even grabbed him by the foot.”
“How did he get out?”
“Through the roof of the prison, and then it closed back up again.”
One of the guards said, “Do you see how powerful the Christian faith is?
Do you see the strength of their Christ? It didn’t matter how much you
guarded him, but he took him when He wanted!”
When the priest saw his brother, he said “My Brother! You have come
home!, They told me you died. Today I finished serving the fortieth
Liturgy in which I removed a particle for your soul.”
The former prisoner said, “You did the right thing, Brother, for if I
had been in hell, you would have delivered me from there. Since I was
still on Earth, you brought me out of prison. May God reward you. Listen
to what happened to me…” and he proceeded to tell his brother about the
So you see how strong those prayers are during the forty Liturgies when
one is remembered at the Proskomedia.

There is another example of a miracle in connection with the forty
Liturgies. An elderly Hieromonk who was an abbot had a disciple who was
not very obedient.
The elder frequently told him, “Be obedient my son, or you will suffer
eternal torments.”
But the disobedient disciple still did not follow the counsel of the
elder. He died before his elder, but after his death, the elder had a
vision of the disciple in hell.
The Disciple said to him, “Father, Please serve forty Liturgies for me,2
for I was disobedient and bad, upsetting you so much.”
After the elder had completed serving those forty Divine Liturgies, he
again beheld his disciple, but this time he was clothed in robes as
bright as the sun, and he said to the elder, “Through your holy prayers
and intercessions which you made for me, I have been released and

The End and Glory be to God!


This is about people in Hell. Unfortunately, people in Hell are a reality . However we need to remember something. We need to remember that Jesus went to Hell and took people out of Hell and moved them to Heaven. We should also remember that Jesus has said that people, Christians would be allowed to do more than Jesus , since Jesus will pray to the Father.

So the questions remains, what can we do for people in hell , can we do like Jesus and take them out of there?

We know that right now there are candles in front of Jesus icons so that means there is mercy for everybody, on Earth, in hell and on Heaven. Maybe this is why, the people in Hell have no definitive judgment because people on Earth can pray for them and can maybe come and save them, maybe ALL OF THEM.

Early Christian Church may have had baptism for the deceased and this may be an explanation :
1COR 15:29 Or else what will they do who are baptized for the dead? If the dead aren't raised at all, why then are they baptized for the dead?

So, people of Orthodox Christianity have contact with Holy Mother of God and with God. Hopefully at least one would ask God what can be done for people in Hell and how they can be saved , ALL OF THEM, and hopefully he would write down what can be done and people will actually do that.

This is just a hope right now, a beautiful hope. Everybody in heaven.

In my core I believe that this is possible, to save everybody from Hell, to restore creation, and that right now is the time to try it. God knows how to do that and this is why we need to ask God about this.

We do have powers from God that we don't understand. Do you know that we have powers from God to transform a sick angel into an angel of Light? A woman, nun in a Monastery did just that. The story is in the book Evergetinos. This is entire story in romanian:

So the idea is this, what if why have power , are allowed by God to save people from hell, now that there is mercy of God and we don't do it , not because is not possible but because we don't know about it and we don't ask about it? What if we have the power to restore the Creation back and the only thing that prevents us from doing this is that we did not ask God for it?

Read it and send it to other people.
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