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Romania has many texts from byzantine empire that may have been lost in other places.

Also the books of Father Arsenie Boca, the elder near my city are 100% true . You would go there and he will tell your name and if you had any trouble he would know your ancestors and tell you why that happen. The depositions, 4 full book, are people comming after his death and saying this is what happen to me.

I was mistaken, it was not about candle but about icon lamp or vigil lamps in front of an icon:

Looks like as long as you light an icon lamp or vigil lamp in front of an icon, God is sending an angel top your house.

This is where anyone can buy vigil lamps :

This is an excerpt however I don't know where the text is comming from:
As long as the icon lamp is light, the angel of the vigil lamp, protective angel stays in the house defending it as long as the icon lamp is light and if you light the candle, he will come when your soul will leave this world. For how many days you lighted the candle you go to heaven, only after you end the days you kept the icon lamp lighted to the icons in your house on Earth, only then you will go to the place God appointed to you based on your behaviour.
When you put icon lamp for 24 hours , the angel of the icon lamp comes and puts in your garden in Heaven, as a retribution for your effort, a flower if the oil in the candle is vegetal oil or a tree if the oil in the icon lamp is olive tree, and this is how you can have a garden in the Heaven, from this life on Earth.
If you lighted the icon lamp and have left the house, and the candle stopped lighting, the angel is staying in your house looking after your house if you, seeing that the icon lamp is not lighting, first thing you do after washing your hands is lighting the icon lamp, the angel does not leave anymore. However if you forget to light the icon lamp, the angel leaves , however it comes back after you light the icon lamp again.
If you lighted the icon lamp and you left the house, and if you die and nobody can light a candle so you have light, the light of the icon lamp will be the light for your soul and the angel of the candle will come to take your soul and you have light and you don't die in darkness.
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