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I'll give this a listen to later but I already have a critism.

The following 2 points listed (below) are already erroneous. Why? Becuase there is NO SUCH THING as the "original manuscripts" Every "original" ever written is long gone. There are ONLY copies and translations available. So this woman is already trying to "con" the unlearned by implying something exists, which doesn't. There are various fragments, minuscules (cursives), and manuscripts (NOT "ORIGINALS) available but, I repeat, NO "Original manuscripts". She is being deceptive in using this phrase. This same phrase (repeated) and used in "Bible" schools for decades that have been inflitrated by Jesuits to introduce the Alexandrian school of thought that the "oldest and best" (meaning the Roman Catholic) manuscripts are closest to the "originals". Of course, this is shear unadulterated baloney.

If Jesus was resurrected on Sunday, why aren’t the words “Sunday” or “first day of the week” found anywhere in any of the original manuscripts of the Bible?
Why have the words “Jew” and “Gentile” been written into the Bible erroneously. (They aren’t found in the original Bible manuscripts.)
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