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The importance of young generation to our society and economy has stayed undiminished over the years. Indeed without providing livelihood security to the youth of valley, we cannot achieve the goal of inclusive growth in its true sense. This can be achieved only by engaging the youth in the activities by which they can skill equip themselves and can constructively participate in the growth of economy which in turn will lead to prosperity.

Skill development programme being run at ITI, Bandipore is another step forward to bring the youth of valley to the centre stage and to make them participate in nation building activities by using their skills for the overall growth of the state, as the youth are the workforce of state who can contribute in economic growth. This programme is being run under the aegis of army with collaboration with DRF (Dr Reddy’s Foundation) which is giving training in various fields like ITES, CRS and Hospitality to the youth who are constrained by low income, inadequate skills, irregular employment, absence of opportunities for training and development, indebtedness and weak bargaining power at the economic / social level and getting them placed with various companies. The programme started on 16 Dec 2011 for a duration of two months with a strength of 85 students. It is a venture - a first of its types in which all the stake holders (Civil Administration and Army) have held hands together to skill equip the youth of a remote town of Bandipora for a better future. The whole course was divided into various heads like Induction Stage, Interactive Training Stage, Field Visit and Survey, Parent’s counselling Industrial Interface, Guest and Alumni Lecture.

The entire group was taken to Vodafone BPO in Srinagar as part of their training under the head of field visit and survey which was their fourth field visit after KISHANGANGA PROJECT, CAFÉ COFFEE DAY and TAJ VIVANTA at Srinagar. These visits have given a different and broader outlook to them in respect of work culture and ethics of coorporate world. In words of Mr Shafiq Ahmed Bhat, it was their first expereience when they have got a chance to speak to employees of vodafone BPO who explained them about the work of various people working there as tellecallers and technical assistants. Another student of hospitality, Miss Shaheena Banoo shared her experience about their visit to Taj Vivanta where they were introduced to the various fields of hospitality industry which covers a wide range of organizations offering food service and accommodation, which is divided into sectors according to the skill-sets required for the work involved like accommodation, food and beverage, meeting and events, gaming, entertainment and recreation, tourism services, and visitor information. The whole of the students came back with fire in their belly to do well and work
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