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dear ji,
namaskarams.there is no surprise that tara devi is worshipped mainly in the buddhist and jainese traditions as the goddess herself has ordained to sage vasista that the only way to attain her mantra siddhi is through sinachara.not to get diverted from the issue,i had come across the comparisons while compiling notes and researching on a bashya for dharma sastha sahasranaama and as such the comparison was only esoteric and had no back up of any primary tantras.i am going thro my old notes and as soon as i get the relevant details will send u ji for ur evaluation.
surprisingly there is no mention of tara or kurukulla devi in parusurama kalpa sutra,the most authentic text on sri vidhya paddhadi,and it is only in umanandaas "Nityotsavam" their role is mentioned along with chando chanda.
thank u ji for ur enlighting information on Raadhikaa.only the upasakas of her vanca cintamani mantra can realise her stature among the prakruthi devatas.swamiye saranam ayyappa!
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