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Default References to Mahaabharatha War in the Ancient Tamil Literature
Author - Virarajendra

References to Mahaabharatha War in the Ancient Tamil Literature

The "Ancient Tamil Literature" of Second & Third Sangam Periods namely "Puranaanooru", "Ahanaanooru" and "Silappathikaaram" has references to the "Mahaabharatha War" that took place at Kurushethtra the present Haryaanaa (Haryana) State in North India that were known to the Tamil Poets of these two Sangam Periods.

Among the References in the three ancient Tamil Literary Works the reference in the Poem composed by the Poet Maamoolanaar and included in "Puraranaanooru" is of much interest to all. This poem was composed by him in praise of the Tamil Chera (Kerala) king "Uthiyan Cheralaathan" and sung in his presense. He praises an action of this king in his poetic work in the "present tense" and not in the "past tense". Hence it is very clear beyond any doubt that the Mahaabharatha War took place during the period of this poet Muranjiyuur Mudinagaraayer and hence during the period of rule of king Uthiyan Cheralaathan. The relevent Poem of this Poet is as follows:

"......Vaanavarambanai ! You the great ! who provided "imense tasty Rice Meal" (mihu patham Perum Choru) unlimited to the Five (Paandavaas) with valiant horses in their war with twice Fifty (one hundred - Kauravaas) fought and destroyed in the battlefield......"

Puranaanooru - verse 2, by poet Muranjiyuur Mudinagaraayer on Chera (Kerala) king "Cheramaan Perum Chottru Uthiyan Cheralaathan as mentioned in the Puranaanooru itself.


"Vaanvarambanai (Vaanavaramban)" is a title borne by some of the Tamil Chera (Kerala) kings of the third Sangam period who conquered regions up to Himaalayaas and carved their royal emblem the 'bow and arrow' on the face of Himaalayan mountain beyond which there was only the Sky (to conquer). The 'Vaanavaramban' means the one who had as the (northern) limits the Sky.

This act of providing 'imense Rice meal' by the Chera king Uthiyan Cheralaathan is also made reference in a verse by poet Maamoolanaar and included in "Ahanaanooru" is as follows:

"......at the time when Uthiyan Cheral provided "imense Rice Meal" (Perum Choru) for the well being of the elderly whose souls went to rest......"

Ahanaanooru - verse 233 by poet Maamoolanaar

This act is further made reference to very positively in the Silappathikaaram by poet Ilango Adikal as follows:

".......the Chera (king) he who provided "imense Rice Meal" (Perum Choru) unlimited during the war between one time five (five - Paandavaas) and two times fifty (one hundred Kauvravaas) ......"

Silappathikaaram - by poet Ilango Adikal, Chapter 29-Usal Vari

From the above references it is very clear that the Tamil Chera (Kerala) king Uthiyan Cheralaathan have definitely provided "imense Rice Meal" to the Paandavaas in the Mahaabharatha War, and in all possibility to their entire Forces during the period of this war.

The Chera king having participated in the Mahaabharatha War is positively proved by many references in the original Sanskrit Mahaabharatha of sage Viyaasa. Hence the Sangam period Tamil Literary References to the Tamil Chera (Kerala) king who participated in the Mahaabharatha war namely the "Perum Chotru Uthiyan Cheralaathan" cannot be denied or put off as unreliable information, but should be taken as a profound truth.

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