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Thanks for the Info
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Default trupparappu waterfalls
For many, Tripparapu is only a tourist spot known for waterfalls. But how many of us know that there is a cave temple assigned to the 8th century behind the water falls?

Location: It is located five kilo meters from Kulasekharam. As the approach road is at a higher altitude visitors can see the Kothayar tumbling down to a depth of 30 ft.

The cave temple: It happened seven decades ago. The severe draught that affected Nanjinadu resulted in the drying up of Kothayar. S.Gopalakrishnapillai the resident of Tripparappu with a few brave men ventured into the exposed cave temple. The team procured a copperplate inscription which said that the temple was built by the Ay King Karnnadadakkan (Sree Vallabhan). The cave lead them to an alley with two chambers one on either side. The right chamber had an idol of Bhadrakaali. When they proceeded further they saw another idol of Siva. Few years later it rained so heavily that the cave collapsed.

There is another temple near the water fall. This temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and is one of the Sivalayams devotees visit during Sivarthri. According the legend Daksha, insulted her daughter Parvathi and her concert Parvathi. The infuriated couple reached Tripparappu. Nandi on sighting Siva in raudra bhava hesitates to face the Lord. The idol is installed facing the West. The idol of Nandi is seen slightly towards the North.

The roof of the temple is circular and is covered with copper plates. It is believed that there is a tunnel connecting the temple and the water fall. There is an idol of Balakrishna, in the chuttumandapam.

The inscriptions were inscribed by Aviyilandradakan, who designed and manufactured arms for the Ay King Karunandadakkan.

Now it has become a tourist spot. School and college students throng the spot. Boating service is also provided. What pains the visitor is the cluttered surroundings and lack of cleanliness.
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I like the fresh essay here about the beautiful places. I have visited this place last year in May and it is so beautiful place. The most lovely thing which I have found there that there is some strange peace in that waterfall in spite lot of notices around.
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