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Default Muay Thai Fight - Yod! I need info please!
Ok... so I found out the other day, from myspace, that Yod's fighting in a championship june 20th in Jamaica... AMAZZZZZZZZING FIGHT CARD!!

(yes, a girl who loves Muy Thai!)

Any way, Im just wondering if anyone knows more about Yod... where exactly in Thailand he's from, what he likes.. I know he said he loves Thai music during an interview... but what type of Thai music...

whatever anyone knows what be helpful

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the thai guys name themselves after the gym they are training at...

he calls himself yosaenklai fairtex, so he trains in fairtex gym, pattaya, i'd guess

how about spending your next holiday in thailand and meeting your idol?

besides that you greatly improve your muay thai skills and see one of the most beautiful countries in the world (maybe not from it's best side though)
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