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SYDNEY, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- A captain of a luxury charter boat has joined in the bandwagon and become the latest person to personally invite Hollywood heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio on a free trip to visit conservation efforts undertaken at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia.

DiCaprio had previously described the Great Barrier Reef as a natural attraction that was full of "dead zones".

Last week, the Oscar winner reiterated the matter at the "Our Oceans Conference" held in Washington D.C. and was particularly vocal on the impact coral bleaching and global warming has had on the Great Barrier Reef.

"This year, Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffered what is thought to be the largest bleaching event ever recorded," DiCaprio said.

"Over 600 miles of reef previously teeming with life is devastated. We are seeing this level of impact on coral reefs around the world," he said.

Since that speech, DiCaprio has been inundated with offers to visit the reef coming from scientists to non-governmental organizations who had extended a "non-political" offer to the actor to show him the impacts of coral bleaching once again.

Queensland deputy premier Jackie Trad was quoted as saying in Brisbane last week that the actor was "absolutely welcome to come to Australia, to come to Queensland and to come to the Great Barrier Reef."

"I know he's been there before and I really applaud his passion and his commitment to conserving and protecting the earth's oceans," she said.

The latest invitation from Aroona Luxury Boat Charters operator Ross Miller was for a week-long trip to the reef, News Corp reported on Thursday.

The eight-night voyage, worth 54,000 thousand Australian dollars (40,000 thousand U.S. dollars), would visit several key dive and snorkelling sites, including the stunning Ribbon Reefs, Miller said.

Miller, who has previously hosted billionaires on-board his boat, said he wanted to show the Revenant star that the Great Barrier Reef wasn't in as bad a condition as many believed due to the recent widespread bleaching event.

"There's many locations that we have been diving for the last 15 years that show serious signs of coral bleaching and other issues," Miller said.

"There are also other sites that we are going to that still look pristine," he said.

You have probably heard about GPS tracking and navigation technology. But how can you personally use it Dallas Cowboys T-Shirts , as well as how exactly does it function. Understanding the fundamentals of this usefeul technology will help you reach an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a unit thatís a good fit for your specific individual or business needs.

GPS tracking has become very common in the past few years. Previously too costly for the everyday person, the technology was originally designed for law enforcement agents to track crime suspects. Nowadays, everyone from parents, to business owners Dallas Cowboys Hoodie , and scientists are utilizing GPS tracking in a variety of different applications ranging from ensuring their teenage driverís safety, to tracking the migration of birds or other wildlife.

The Essential Elements of GPS tracking Units

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Depending on the sort of GPS tracking device you choose Dallas Cowboys Color Rush Jerseys , the locations the unit travels are either recorded within the tracker itself to provide a historical record of just where the device has been, or with a real-time tracking device, the location information can be transmitted to a central database or your own Internet-enabled PC or laptop in real-time, each time the unit relocates. Originally popular among law enforcement agents Randy Gregory Jersey , many businesses now have adopted the tracking to streamline operations and now also by families to keep an eye on their loved ones.

Comparing Real-Time v. Passive GPS Trackers

There are two basic types of GPS trackers: real-time and passive.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

Like all trackers, the real-time GPS tracker constantly sends digital messages to space satellites so they can triangulate the trackerís approximate location. the element that makes the device real-time is simply that the unit sends all data to the Internet database continually in real-time, where you can get on and monitor the trackerís movements. Most systems also offer other key data such as time, place Rico Gathers Jersey , and how fast the tracker is traveling. Originally primarily used by law enforcement agencies tracking criminals, this technology is now common to employers tracking company vehicles as well as average people tracking their teen drivers or their family car as it moves.

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