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Default DAM 999 : 2011 Movie Review
Film: 'Dam999″ Director: Sohan Roy Actors: Ashish Vidyarthi, Joshua Fredric Jones, Rajit Kapur, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, Linda Arsenio Rating: * There are movies that are poor and those that are horrible. The primary could be accepted, however the latter, have to be avoided such as for instance a illness. 'Dam 999″, that upholds from superstition to Brahminical supremacy and racism, is one particular movie. A dam threatens an incredible number of life even while a key ignores it. A gentleman who returns to his ayurvedic healer father to help heal his child, falls in love with his childhood love but theirs is just a love as every appearance of the love results in catastrophe headed for disappointment. At-the experience of it 'Dam 999″ appears like a movie made to promote India and idea of ayurveda and juice to spirituality-hungry visitors. The film upholds menacing stereotypes. To begin with it preaches intolerance and superstition. As the earth is moving towards the thought of every man responsible for his future, using unintelligible karmic mumbo-jumbo, 'Dam 999″ promises that every man is really a servant to his destiny and it's thus useless to fight it. What's the manager attempting to say here that an oppressed person remains oppressed, that these fighting shouldn't attempt to better the lives of the people and communities? In demonstrating a Brahmin with the capability to see and change destinies it represents towards the gallery once more. When it picks a dark colored guy, Ashish Vidyarthi, to-play the mayor, the only villain in the movie further accusation of bias could be accessed. 'Dam-999″ can also be an anti-disabled movie. It shows a wheel-chair bound individual miraculously healed very quickly by ayurveda. This does a couple of things, display ayurveda to be always a magic pill and subsequently encourage parents to refuse their handicapped kiddies more, preoccupied because they are anyways with finding remedy for their children's 'problem.' Yet, the movie might have made a record against man's crazy need to get a handle on nature. It was so moderate and confused that it really does injustice for the possible cause, although it tries. Stars, great path and focus on detail might have restored the movie. Unfortunately it manages to obtain the worst actors to perform their individual components. While Joshua Fredric Smith has such an awfully accented and unchecked English diction that it's hard-to know very well what he's saying all of the time, Vimala Raman who performs Meera, a ayurvedic physician who has never been overseas, has an anglicized English incline. The often amazing Rajit Kapur can also be as a South Indian unconvincing. Ashish Vidyarthi, nevertheless, does a great work like a mayor. The specific effects and 3D isn't remark worthy possibly. Manager Sohan Roy is just a multi-millionaire businessman. Maybe it's his megalomania, where those he employed wouldn't inform him what was wrong, that guarantees that the picture gets a fast watery grave. In the end, the only factor damned in this dam-burst of mediocrity, will be the movie itself. It's certainly a disgrace that Warner Bros. Could not find such a thing easier to market than this 'damned' movie. Different gifted administrators might experience because of this.
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