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Default Effect of Deposits on Diesel Injectors
Clean diesel engine fuel injectors are critical for efficient operation. A well-dispersed spray pattern to optimize good atomization at the same time delivering rapid, efficient combustion of the fuel and air mixing. All diesel engine, but especially those that contain products from a refinery conversion processes usually a small amount of coke ring nozzle. This is believed to result in fuel coke thermal decomposition of volatile compounds. It is a general problem in that the nozzles are designed to withstand a certain amount of coke. However, many of today's diesel fuels allow excessive nozzle coking interfering spray atomization of fuel and lowering.
Higher values noisier engines and reduces fuel consumption results, which is reflected in controlled trials vehicles. These studies show a 15% reduction in the city's economy, and 5% discount on the highway (according to the testing protocols EPA). Driving the FTP protocol, the results are the reduction of 2-11% in fuel economy, depending on driving over FTP, added (8-30%).
More definitive studies dirty injectors were used and collected from two different types of vehicles in the area of changes made on the basis of the productivity of the average number of nozzles of different pollution levels and ranges of pollution. In the most difficult circumstances, 30 percent of the restricted flow of the medium in which the equivalent amount of 30% between the best and the worst injectors, the author showed an increase of 700% in hydrocarbon (HC)
In the middle of breaking the nozzles, research shows that the motor compensated and can lead to some of the cylinders to get too much fuel and some get too few (rich and lean). Once cleaned, 10.5% due to the improvement of 40-100 KPH times the acceleration and improvement of 15.8% 80-100 times KPH. This is confirmed in other studies, side by side vehicles when clogged nozzles reduced the engine power by 22% and from 1.3 to 2.8 seconds penalty in acceleration tests.
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