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Hand-selected and carefully selected top grades that are just right and mature. The appearance is atmospheric, the biotechnology is mellow, and the unique" process is purely roasted. The first micro-circulation smoke is still there, and the fragrance is relatively natural. It is biased towards the original flavor of tobacco. Sweet. The inhalation resistance of the second small cycle becomes more and more obvious. I feel that the lungs are not exerting force, and the burning cannot continue. The smoke that is inhaled is thin, and the flow is smooth. The smell of smoke is actually lighter than the first one. This product is selected from domestic and foreign high-quality tobacco leaves, using the world’s advanced "cobweb map" test method to determine the leaf group formula, supplemented by rare tobacco flavors and fragrances, and developed after hundreds of careful tests. The smoke is soft from start to finish, the burning is smooth, the original tobacco aroma is obvious, the smoke is well coordinated, and there is no obvious sense of fuss at the end. The small circulation smoke flows naturally, and the large circulation can also feel the smoke entering the lungs. Many people have smoked this cigarette. It is the signature smoke of Louyan Newport Cigarettes. Many of its cigarettes have a fresh and elegant taste, comfortable and pleasant, and make people love it. They have been in the market for many years and are highly respected. Appearance Elegant, smell the fragrance before smoking, the original tobacco fragrance is not very strong, the artificial fragrance is very elegant Cigarettes Online, light the cigarette lightly, the burning performance of the cigarette is good, the speed is moderate, the acidity and softness of the smoke are acceptable, and the smoke is relatively full, The performance of the entire front section is good. Take a deep breath, the smoke is soft, there is no irritation and discomfort when passing through the throat. When the pulmonary circulation is carried out, the smoke is calm, the strength is moderate, and the satisfaction is average. Continue to take two deep, mellow smokes There is a light astringency in the air, and it feels like the taste of chewing leaves. Is the middle section good smoker? I don’t like its innovative smoke fragrance Wholesale Cigarettes. The mellow and elegant taste of Louyan is what I am familiar with, accept This light and astringent taste with leaves can not be avoided. The stability of the soot is good, showing a columnar firmness, some residual ash scattered, near the end, taste carefully, the smoke burning has a slightly strong sense of stagnation. The smoke smells great Not as good as before, with a hint of odor. The smoky fragrance is average, and the taste is not suitable for individuals. I am used to its elegant and delicate fragrance. Changing the smell of leaves is difficult to control, and I can't experience the pleasure it should have.
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