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Default Strategy of betting on yellow cards in football.
Strategy of betting on yellow cards in football.

Bets on sports events including football can be considered and pre-selected, one of the most popular is the strategy for yellow cards. An impressive number of players prefer this betting scheme, because it is profitable and has a high degree of permeability.

Like all other strategies, bets on yellow cards can not guarantee one hundred percent result in each meeting, but with the right approach, you can get a fairly high performance relative to the effectiveness of its application.

To use the strategy, you will need to spend some personal time learning and analyzing upcoming meetings.

What do you need to consider when betting on the LCD?

Making bets on yellow cards in a chaotic manner, you will not be able to get a stable and desired profit. The strategy works only with the proper use of all the information received.Also, the better should take into account several fundamental points:
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The main referee of the meeting this moment can play a key role, because each football referee has his own style of refereeing. There is a special statistics of the cards shown by each FIFA judge, which you can study on the Internet. Based on the information received, you can bet on TB or TM yellow cards in the match where he works. However, it is impossible to believe blindly superficial information, and is worth to check it out. If the judge statistics an average of 6 LCD per match, there is no guarantee that the TB 4.5 on yellow cards will pass, because sometimes you have to show 1-2 cards per match, and another time 10-11. That is why, wanting to put on a certain total LCD in the match, calculate the percentage of such outcomes from the judge,if it is above 50-60% you can try to make a bet. In each championship you can find those who love the abundance of yellow cards and referees, allowing you to fight like a man in every episode.

Players taking part in the match along with the referee, they play a crucial role, because in the absence of fouls there will be no yellow cards shown. The game style is unique for everyone, but also a lot of attention should be paid to the functions on the field. For example, if the player is the destroyer of the opponent's attacks, he will have more yellow cards in the season than the striker. Many coaches produce players specifically for the fouls that will tightly hold the leaders of rivals and to foul on them. If we talk about the players who receive yellow cards most often, then immediately come to mind: the Granite of Jaka from the London Arsenal, Daniele De Rossi from Roma, Kalida kulibali from Napoli and many others.

Teams participating in the match many experts say that there is a dependence on the level of the team. Personally, I can say that this is utter nonsense. A team from the bottom of the standings can miss a lot, but it is not necessary that it will have a lot of fouls and even more warnings. Of course, this version can be applied to individual games, segments, and even seasons, but to reveal a certain pattern here will not succeed.

Statistics of the last 2-3 games plays an important role not only with respect to teams and players, but also the judges. If the referee showing an average of 3 cards per match showed 15 yellow cards in the previous 2 matches, then the following rounds may be with a minimum number of warnings. What is the reason, is still unknown, but this strategy has the right to exist.

Derby in the Championships this is one of the most unpredictable matches, because the mood of the players and coaches will be prohibitive. As a rule, it is the hardest to guess the outcome of eternal confrontations. The most popular are: CSKA Spartak, Lazio, Roma, real Madrid Barcelona, etc.

Bookmaker plays an important role, because each bookmaker provides its own grid of options for betting and it is not always a place to bet on the total of yellow cards. In addition, an important role is played by the ratio provided for a particular outcome.

The right choice of the bet amount if you want to get a constant profit, you need to put money wisely. If you put half of the Bank or more, there is a chance to lose these funds.


Making a profit by betting on the number of yellow cards per match or a period of time is real, but it requires all the strength and knowledge. Negligence leads to the loss of their own funds.
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