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Default Finland - country of trade offs
To begin with, there's simply no matter for personal rights and liberties. Nothing what therefore ever. They're not really in the listing of 'to complete ' or 'this really is significant.' It's worked to date reasonably, because it was established on certain values of democracy, and because people generally are fairly predictable in here, it's not been too poorly abused. Hardcore with the protestant ethic, it's simple to get a handle on people in here. So now, that individuals are just starting to have individuals who are demanding a few of the beliefs of the country, everything you see is immediate category to 'activists', which can be mounted on finished with animal rights activists and other filthy hippies. You seldom see a in here, you can live two decades in here, in the administrative centre, and perhaps not see just one protest. Perhaps you find out about one in the documents, that had 30 people joining, and 60 police, prepared in full riot gear, attack dogs, and identification check always pushed for anybody arbitrarily, to be joined in a database. That in my experience is very terrible exercise. And it'll be approved by 3 months of the populace as 'managing the activists.' But what type of risk are they showing to the country, or the populace? Freaking 0!! They're not actually severe, don't mix it up with a few of the warmed protests in Europe. In here, it's like adolescent kiddies, drinking alcohol (not really drunk), one includes a package at police and that's the absolute most abuse you'll see. And yet, it had been the absolute most severe assault from the country ever to be viewed. Documents, often also the parliament are likely to examine the problem. Sense of reality completely removed, lost, because of insufficient knowledge. I don't acknowledge the state's power over me in problems where I'm not breaking any collection regulations. Time. Violence won't be used by me to safeguard these rights, but I'll not extend over both, and that doesn't make a naturalist to me to be tagged with the rioting teens who're really more calm than your normal evening in bars. Therefore if my rights are actually abused, exactly what do I actually do? Well, what about nothing? There's number business actually, that handles cases such as this, where they provide aid or in extreme cases, safety. Because the state protects you, why would you require protection from the state? Right.... in a global where every thing is white and black, this may be so, but let's not rely on state alone.
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