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Default Lol @ this alienware pc @ function today (also a concern about them)
So i found this computer came set for repair at the office today and i was somewhat enthusiastic since i think it is more interesting when i reach repair some thing only a little more interesting your daily pc. Start it up visit a 700w PSU, Core 2 etc etc. Then i begin to see the movie card... X1650XT. I nearly fell over, dont misunderstand me i dont have such a thing from the card it self, but this 700W PSU inside it was huuuuge, larger then common for certain (and like 4x18amp 12v rails) and then the itty bitty small X1650XT, dont believe i required that large of a PSU [rofl] That aside, i was alienware cases are actually made by curious who? Since i was pleased with how deeply the situation with (i also have my drive crates striking the rear of the extended video cards)
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