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Default Hiring a Lawyer for K1
Hello everyone.

Is it worth it to hire a lawyer for K1?

How's the experience? I need your advice. Thank you
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If their case is straightforward, meaning no criminal history, no visa denials/violations/overstays, they can DIY the process themselves. They just need to invest the time and effort to study the instructions. They can always come to VisaJourney to ask for help.

If their case has any of the complications mentioned above, they may need a lawyer.
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I have a lot of friends who asked me, where do I take all these lawyers, because they are very professional and responsible for their work and duties. I suggested them to call: https://www.vasaadvokat.se/en-advoka...oteborg-malmo/. This is a company specialized in this domain. Recently I had a judgement and I need a lawyer as quickly as possible, so I called one from this company. In just a few minutes all my problems were solved and we went to the law court, where of course we won. I recommend you this company with my pleasure.
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