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Default Sterilizing seeds
Last year I tried propagating some Korean pine seeds and they all became moldy in the bag when I was stratifying them. I was successful with some other small seed conifers and strawberry tree. But others became moldy. Primarily large nut/seeds seem to get moldy. I was curious if anyone could share some methods to mitigate mold growth on seeds?
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When I was stratifying Robinia seeds I checked them every week and changed the paper towel they were in every other week. Worked for me.
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Gardening is my favorite activity. I have been gardening for as long as I can remember. Plants are my weakness and planting and taking care of them are a very big pleasure for me. I have been using different seeds every year because I like trying new things to see what happens. I also like having nice equipment and I order it from https://www.growgardener.com/the-5-b...for-your-lawn/. They have nice tools and tractors and I like them a lot.
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